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  1. I am looking to fight for my charges back from Aqua from 2006, if anybody has any starting points on persuing credit card charges any asistance is welcomed xx
  2. Hi there Think i'm in the right place to start legal proceedings against AQUA. If anybody had won money back from them re: charges on their Aqua Credit card, please advise.... Lea xx
  3. Hi Guys, Just a quick update received a response from Natwest from the LBA I sent. Same old jargon that my claim for bank charges have been logged with them and as soon as a decision has been made with OFT, they will look at my compliant, blah, blah, blah!!!!!!!. Anyway, will be starting court proceedings this week, I might as well get in the queque, hopefully get some money back in the next couple of years. Leanne
  4. Hi again, Need a question answering to clarify my confusion pls. As well as the above question I need answering TOMTERM8 can you please confirm what a overdraft case is per your message on another cag users thread. My husband's acct is a gold account does that mean it will be stayed?. Thanks Leanne
  5. Hi Vortex, Thanks for info, Can I claim that back? Thanks Leanne
  6. Hi Steven, Sorry, to sound like im questioning you, but in my local county court they are still proceeding with court claims against bank charges, so I only thought stayed cases were the county courts were awaiting Judgement, please correct if i'm wrong. I am only upto Prem letter so if this is the case i'm a bit disapointed. Thanks Leanne
  7. Hi guys, Just a question I need answering please?. I just across a charge put on my Hubby's acct in 2002 which stes a charge of £435.00 from "PLP PREMIUM". Has anyone come across this charge before or even what it stands for?. Thanks Lea
  8. Hi Sam, I thought we could continue court proceedings regardless of them standard letters from the Banks, after the LBA has been sent. I am sure I read that on this website. Can you please confirm if this corrrect?. Thanks Leanne
  9. Hi guys, Just an update. Received my 6 years off b/s yesterday. Prem letter being sent out tomorrow. Lea x
  10. Thanks Lula, No doubt I'll be emailing for alot of advise. Caro was brilliant with my case last year. At the end of the claim even though I was so stressed out, I missed this site it was such a good help and give brilliant advise!!!!. Leanne
  11. Hi there, I won my bank charges against YB last year now i'm challenging my Husband's account with Natwest!!!
  12. Hi Caro, Oh yes Indeed!. I had great pleasure in telling her. Leanne x
  13. Thanks Richard, Cashed the cheque today into my Branch. Cant tell you how pleasant the cashier was when usually this particular person is quite rude when I have been in previously!!!!. She was one of the staff previously, who stated I WOULD NOT under any circumstances get my CHARGES BACK!!!!!!! C.A.G ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Leanne xx
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