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  1. I just spoke to the counter staff (only she had direct contact with them). They never explained anything and just said 'be aware of our terms and conditions'. Nothing was sent to our inbox or address to check/read. Since cancelling, we only get emails asking for payment . What legal rights do they have at this point?
  2. I just posted a review on trustpilot the reviews are shockingly bad there. I can't find the link from the website as it was all arranged over the phone. There was no invoice or anything. the first letter we received was the cancellation fee payment. I'm planning on writing a formal letter to them telling them come to a small claims near us. Any advice on how i would legally word it? I'm so confused. Thank you all for your help, it is much MUCH appreciated.
  3. The company is called tutorcare.co.uk. The person that's been harassing me is Marta. A awful company with absolutely no ethics. Surely a few emails from her phone is not acceptable as official notices but they listed that on the claims form from the debt department.
  4. Hello all. I wonder if anyone can help with this issue. We run a restaurant and a company contacted us to teach us health & hygiene that said they will issue certificates. We agreed a date over the phone. Next day we phone the council and they said it's not a recognised certificate. We phoned the company back and they said we owed the full amount for cancellation even though nothing was signed . They now threatened taking us to a small claims. Is there anything I can do to avoid paying this? They want us to pay almost£500 which is daylight robbery. Thanks in advance.
  5. It's Bexley Council. I will try and reach the CEO to explain the situation. Unfortunately I don't have cctv installed. I'm not opening the door to the bailiffs.
  6. Sorry was a bit vague earlier. The date stated on the letter was 10th July. It was hand delivered today. It said they will come back on the 18th at 17:30. So specific I thought the law had changed to allow forced entry which had me worried
  7. Hello all. I just received a 'notice of enforcement' which was hand delivered 7 days after the stated date (cheeky monkeys) I understand the laws have changed. I was wondering if they can now force entry? Thanks
  8. i just want to pay the remainder of the debt, the first/second letter fee, and get the levy and attendance fee taken off. It seems that they only added those on because the debt was almost cleared.
  9. I try make it clearer as i do not think i explained my situation properly. Last year i received my first bailiff letter saying i owed around £2000. The following week they came round and put my sons car as a levy. I sent a stat dec the next day, it was not recorded or addressed to anyone specific. I did not hear anything from them. Only couple of weeks ago i thought that debt must be nearly cleared and requested another breakdown as i was paying monthly installments. To my surprise, the remaining debt was £150 but they added an additional 'attendence' fee which was roughly £140 (dont have the letter in front of me). I then sent another stat dec to the equita (recorded,copy also sent to council) and they responded straight away saying it is not acceptable and require a copy of V5C but the car has been sold.
  10. The logbook/insurance everything was in his name but the car has been sold. They can check with the DVLA but he does not have the paperwork as it was earlier this year when it was sold. We was paying the council tax in installments via their automated system and was down to the last payment and when the bailiffs 'attended' and added even more fees. Now the cost has shot up again and im getting more letters from equita.
  11. Hello, its been awhile and i thought i'd update my situation and possibly get some more advice. I received a letter last week regarding the remainder of the debt owed. From £2k it went down to £150 but they had not taken off the levy fee or the attendence fee which was £162. i was shocked as i had sent a stat dec ages ago and not heard anything since. Having not photocopied anything, i had to go to the solicitors again and pay another £10 to sign another. I got a letter today saying they do not accept stat dec and require a copy of the V5c but the car was sold in jan this year. What should be my reply or next course of action?? thanks all
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