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  1. I think i was speaking a little tongue in cheek back there!!!!!!!!!. Lloyds are the pits.
  2. Agree. They are the worst I have ever dealt with. Strange really as I believe they work primarily for Lloyds TSB who have such a wonderful reputation for dealing with customers.:o
  3. Thank you both for your replies and will progress with the SAR's. The Debt managers are the ones in rotherham/edinburgh not doncaster as I previously said. They stated the debt was £10040 in march 2005 and I have paid £100 per month since then and it now stands at £9140 according to 1st credit. my maths isnt great but that doesnt add up. To answer the questions from elsinore.I never received a default from LLoyds bank or from debt managers or anything from Lloyds telling me they had transferred the debt to either DMA. I have a record of all payments to debt managers as they were by standin
  4. Afternoon all. Am having a bit of a nightmare with a delightful company called 1st credit. I took out loan for £11000 with lloyds TSB about 6 years ago. I soon got into difficulties and the debts was passed about 4/5 years ago to a company called debt managers in doncaster. I paid them £200 per month for a year and a half and then £100 per month ever since. Two weeks ago I received the first of four letters from 1st credit demanding £9140. I have asked them for a breakdown of this and they are refusing to send one. I have spoken to them again today and they are saying that LLoyds do not know
  5. Have filed my case against capital one and have received my claim number. I have now just received notification that capital one intend to defend the claim!!!!!!!!! The letter was sent by the court Help. What do i do now????????
  6. Good Morning all. Great site and has been a huge help already. This is my first post and quick question. Have been through lengthy correspondence with capital one regarding two credit cards that I have with them. The total in charges and interest is £1700 and they have kindly offered £500. (mmmm). I am about to issue court proceedings but need to know can I combine the two credit cards on one claim or do I have to do them seperately? Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks Jamesys
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