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  1. Many thanks.....I think I'll re-do the LBA and go from there - thanks.
  2. I successfully managed, 2yrs ago, to reclaim my bank charges from the Abbey National. My husband had an account with Nationwide and has charges on it. My question is, is it best to wait for this appeal to reach a conculsion or go ahead and make a claim anyway? We did start with a claim about a year ago but didn't submit the N1 - can we continue where we left off or should we start afresh? Any advice would be most helpful.
  3. Thanks Lula! After the test case we intend to get back charges on my husbands bank acc and tackle Welcome Finance too! So to quote Arnie's famous words 'I'll be back'!! Hey charleyfarley, Thanks for the reply! Nice to hear from you! Hope you're well! It certainly did go on for ages!! I did manage to get their defense struck-out and avoid court dates and bundles but boy did I make up for it in time-wise! Still it's over now (wipes brow) thank God! Have a good one everyone!!! Merry Christmas
  4. I won I won I won!!! I kicked the shABBEY'S butt! I sent in the judgement and I trully thought they would apply to have it setaside 'till after the test case. About a couple of weeks later I was trying to get some sleep in the afternoon (night worker) when my husband burst through the bedroom door and said he had to sign for this letter, he thought it was something bad, he opened it and he nearly passed out!! £3,348 paid in full!!! He then said, 'sorry to wake you, thought I'd tell you - you can go back to sleep now' NOT!!!! :lol: Needless to say it's going to be a good new year for us! Everything paid up and starting the new year afresh!! Which is bloody handy because I'm starting a new job and the money is awful at first. The hardest part is NOT going crazy at christmas with the kids! Anyhoo I'd like to thank everyone at CAG for the wealth of information and advice I'd recieved during this epic journey. The hours of reading and research have finally paid off and without you guys it wouldn't have been possible. This site has be an invaluable tool against the little guy 'V' big guys and slowly but surely the wheels are turning. Throughout this saga I have learnt not only a little more about law but ir you're not sure about something being right or wrong then go find the answer for yourself - the information you need will be out somewhere. Just like with this case read, read and read some more - eventually it makes sense. At times I really felt out of my depth, almost on my hands and knees:eek: . I'm so glad I stayed the course not only for the return my money but for what I've learnt along the way and of course winning. Special thanks to Lula:D .
  5. Thanks Lula! I put the judgement in a couple of weeks ago but my local CC are 3 weeks behind so I'll give it 1 more week then contact the above. Many thanks
  6. A woman called Ingra....her names been mentioned on here before. I've contacted her several times through-out my claim and her response has always been a suck-eggs kind of reply. I don't think she's even read my emails.
  7. Thanks Lula! I have tried several times to contact Abbey via email but have had little luck. Do you think it would be better to phone them? If so would I call my local branch? Thanks again for the reply!
  8. Right....heard from my local CC today. Abbeys defense has been thrown out. I have already applied for judgement but as clerk told me that Abbey can apply to have it set aside:mad: . So I guess it's a matter of waiting 'till I hear from the court again?? Can anyone confirm this for me. Not sure what to do now. I'm glad their defense was thrown out but I'm still in the dark as to what to do next??
  9. Thanks for the reply Lula, Will keep you updated! I have copies of everything. The orders that were sent to Abbey and myself stated that if Abbey didn't provide evidence of why they're charging me so much (in a nutshell) then their defense would be struck-out. I spoke to the court and they said they haven't received anything yet but they are behind but fingers crossed Abbey have forgotton about me. Thanks again!
  10. I really need some advice please.... After entering a judgement can the bank then a apply for a stay or put a hold on my claim? They haven't complied with order sent to them so their defence has been struck-out..... Any info would be great
  11. I've got a really bad feeling about this....... I'm with a County Court that's carrying on but I think it's just a matter of time before all cases, nationwide are 'stayed' by Judges following suit with one another.... I still think we'll win in the end but that end seems to be further away at the moment.
  12. Yes - I've had this letter through this morning and I called-up my local CC again today and was told that they are carrying on as normal. I guess the banks can ask but it's up to the Judge wether they get a stay or not. The court clerk did stay, they have to comply with the order that has been sent out to them. Which basically breaks down to Abbey having to show the cost of charges.
  13. Please take a look at my post above..... Also I emailed Abbey again today trying to reach a settlement. I got a reply but they said they are going to ask the court to put my case on hold untill after the test case. This could be a long long while off yet:( Can they do this:???:
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