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  1. I issued a county court summons to the Halifax. Today I have received a settlement figure minus £355.79 which they say I am not entitled to. I don't know why. However I am very tempted to accept as they have stated they will defend this sum at court. They have offered £6519.87p Can anyone advise please. Thanks
  2. I don't know who to email to record that I have now filed with the small claims court. Can anyone help. Thanks
  3. Found the MCOL with a little help from friends, and I have filed my claim. It says that I have to send another copy of charges to my bank. Is this the original spreadsheet or the updated with interest added. Fel so much less stressed now Ihave actually filed. This site is so helpful. Sheedy
  4. Started my push for a refund on 18th October 2006. Received an offer in January. I agreed to take their offer as part payment only and advised them that I would go to court for the balance. As I have not heard a word I am now going to start court action. Could someone please help me with the following ; 1. On my original spreadsheet I included interest charged on my overdraught in the total. Was I right to do this and can I still qoute theses sums when I am claiming 8% interest. With the added 8% my total charges are now nearly £7000. 2. Where can I find MCOL on this site. I keep losing it. 3. If I apply online do I send my amended spreadsheet to the bank. 4. Can anyone give me a bit of moral support as I feel I am out of my depth a bit. Thanks Sue
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am having some bad times at the moment and I keep thinking that I will probably be the one picked as a test case. I will keep the link informed as I go along. Your support is mch welcomed.
  6. As I am now at the stage of starting court action what can I do about further charges that have recently been levied on my account. Unfortunately my husband has just lost his job and money is extremley tight hence the further charges. Do I need to make a second claim and if so when would I start. Thanks:confused:
  7. Halifax have offered me £2500. I have accepted as part payment with the understanding that I intend to settle in court for the whole amount. Sent letter back and they had until today to reply. Nothing has arrived via post so is my next step to file at the small claims court and If I do will I be successful.
  8. Sorry to sound ignorant but what is pm. Sheedy
  9. Where do I find the letter. The only one I found indicates that you have had no response. I have sent my spreadsheet and have had two replies from Halifax, Ist acknowledging receipt and the second informing me that I will have a response by 1st feb. I sometimes find this site hard to navigate. I need to find the specific template which If I remember rightly stated that you expect a reply within 14 days and if one isn't received there will be no further correspondence and I will move straight to legal action. Thanks for replying maybe you can help me further. Sheedy
  10. I have contacted my Bank Halifax and have asked for my charges to be refunded giving them 14 days to reply. Letter was received by them on 6th December. As it was xmas I gave them a few days grace to reply. I have now received a letter stating that the are investigating my claim and will contact me no later than 1st Feb. I am sure I need to respond but I don't know what letter to use and where to find it. I have had a quick look but can only find a letter which you send if you receive no reply at all. Thanks
  11. Came home from work today and could hardly get through the door as there were 27 letters from Halifax. Deadline was today. Have a question or two to ask. They have sent me statements going back to Jan 2000. As I asked for 6 years from 18th October 2006 when can I claim from successfully. I am sitting here extremly angry as I have totalled up what I have paid in charges and it comes to £4948. One year they charged me over £2000, no wonder my finances are in a mess. What is the general response from Halifax. Going to court seems such an imposing situation. I looked at my envelopes for 4 hours before I plucked up the courage to open them. Daft isn't it. I think I didn't want to face how badly I had mismanaged my money over the years. Thanks ps this site is great and I certainly will be making a donation when I am eventually refunded my charges.
  12. I sent a letter to Halifax by registered post on 17th October 2006. To date I have no reply. What do I do now? Thanks
  13. I have been with my bank for 19 years and I dread to think how much they have (EDIT) off me in bank charges over the years. One month I was charged £200. I have decided to try and claim them back however I must admit I am a little nervous about doing so. I have been informed that it i best to open another account just in case but I have already been turned down for one as my credit rating was not good. Does anyone have any advice for me in opening another account and having the confidence to pursue my claim. I think this site is very informative and appears to be supportive. Edited - Please refrain from the use of language that could be libelous
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