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  1. Hi Cheers, have done that and letter in now in the post to them. Thanks
  2. Hi Tilly Thanks for that. The statements Natwest sent me go back to 11/07/2002 and I have charges from that date. So do I start from there or 6 years back from today? Sorry for being a pain. Thanks in advance once again. Anthony
  3. Hi all Just a quick question regarding calculated my charges. Do I go back 6 years from today or the July last year when everything was put on hold? Thanks in advance. Anthony
  4. Hi there everyone I am about to make a claim from NatWest but I am not to sure what I can claim for. Sometimes I have been charged £28 for when there was no money in the account or the money had not cleared for a DD/Cheque over a £100. Just wanted to know if I could include this in my letter or just the charges for when I have been a few pence overdrawn and they have charged me?. Any help would be great.
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