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  1. Thanks for the info, will give it a try
  2. I started a claim a while ago and filed a claim form to recover unlawful bank charges. I did not fill in the POC correctly and consequently the bank responded with a long defence stating my POC was not specific enough. I took advice from CAG and filled an amendment to the POC in which I entered all specific details. Since then I have now received a court date. I have not had any further correspondence from Barclays to date. I am slightly concerned as I have no confirmation of anyone receiving my amended POC. Is this normal?
  3. I haven't been given a court date yet but I’ve received a copy of Barclays Defence and have been instructed to fill in a questionnaire and send it to my local court. In the POC my only entry was "Unlawful Bank Charges form 2001-2006" I now realise this was daft as there were no details listed. This was mentioned in the Banks Defence.
  4. Hi, I've started a claim with Barclays to recover unauthorised overdraft charges. I made a mistake when filling in the Particulars of the Claim and only put "Unauthorised overdraft charges between 2001-2006". I have since realised I needed to enter a comprehensive list of all details in the Particulars of Claim. I have had a Notice to Transfer to proceedings from the court and have received a copy of Barclays Defence. Can I cancel this claim and start another with the correct Particulars of Claims?? Any help please?? :?
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