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  1. Hi All, been a member of this wonderfull site for sometime now and due to finacial thingys only just filed my claim online against the HALIFAX for 1600 and odd quid. Thanks to everyone for all your help.........you know who you are Just like to say that as soon as they settle I will be contributing to this site!!!!!!!!! TATA for now folks
  2. Hi, I am at the same stage just a few questions......well one main one........when do I include the 8% interest for my mcol and in fact can I do this online (attach the interest spread sheet I mean. Can anyone give me some clues as to what include with my mcol..I have just had a quick read of the website I have 14days left before filing my claim online so am just trying to get some idea of what I need.
  3. Hi Folks, Never sure where to post or how to track previous ones :o. Just sent my L B A but in the mean time had a reply to my rejection letter for half my charges as a G O G W. For some reason my bank thinks I have claimed for the past 6yrs ( must be a standard letter ) because this claim is my first and only for the past 19 months as I had statements for these dates........still waiting for the others to come back. So it seems my next step is a court claim after the 14 days are up? Am I right?........by the way my bank is the ever caring and understanding HALIFAX ......Any help would be much appreciated...........!
  4. Hi Folks, I have also had the same letter basically offering me half of what I am claiming but with the same format as you mentioned. The reply I am sending tonight is............:DThanx I will accept your offer.................. as part payment only..................... after all it's OUR money and dont let them tell you anything else. Follow your claim to the last penny.This is the only way to get through to them that we are not going to continue being [edit] by these multi-million pound organisations. The wait must be worth it;)
  5. Hi Again, Just received a letter from the Halifax basically saying they are willing to pay me £552.00 as a full and final payment. The thing is I am claiming £1178.00 for the past 19 months and it seems even more now as i have just had my statements for the last 2 months . They have even threatend to close my account if I dont manage it properly. Seems I have to send another letter now stating that I will accept this as part payment and ask for the remainder to be paid to me. They stated that they may take up to 4 weeks to investigate my claim ( delaying tactics it seems ). My next course of action seems to be accept their offer as part payment ask for the rest to be paid for me and still send them the L B A after the initial 14 days are up ...would this be right?
  6. Well! I have the details of charges for the past 19 months 1178.00 so I have sent the prelim letter asking for these to be refunded to me. I have also sent my 10 quid and my SRA for the rest of my statements. Will keep you informed. Still reading the FAQ.
  7. Hi All, Just to say I joined today after whinging about bank charges to my daughter, she said she had heard an article on the radio about them being EDIT (UNLAWFUL), I went searching the Net about it and found myself here so tally ho!!! Will keep you informed about this Warrior V's Halifax
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