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  1. They have refused to pay her the £1400 owed to her, and it is due to be in court in two weeks time. Has anyone else been this far ? What happens next ? Does she need to attend ?
  2. I have an account that was only open for 18 months, and closed in 29/5/03 - Just spoke to GE Money and they said that they do not keep this information on file for that long .... Is that correct, if not what can I do to get them back ? Thanks
  3. I sent this over 2 weeks ago now, and I still have not had a response. The Debenhams card if only about 2 years old. Cant see what the problem is ...
  4. Do you have the telephone number for me to ring them, only because I sent off the SAR they replied saying that they are bogged down with this kind of request, and they would contact me asap, but nothing has come. I sent them another letter giving them 7 days, and it has been 2 weeks now. I want to ring them and see what is happening. Thanks
  5. I sent my first letter on the 21st March askin for my statements, they replied on the 27th March, telling me that they have been experiencing a large colume of this type of request, and they would treat my matter with urgent attention and get back to me shortly. I still havent heard anything from them, I want to ring them but I cannot find a number anywhere. Have no longer got any statements, and there is no number on the letter. What letter shall I submit to them now chasing up the statements ? Any advise
  6. Ah ! Right, will look into it again, and get it sorted, thanks for your help, and sorry to be a pain.
  7. No it is the interest occured on my account. Shall I just go ahead and file a small claims court, cos they seems pretty certain that they wouldnt pay it back.
  8. Just spoke to them, they are refusing to pay the interest, what shall I do? I am afraid now that now that I said I will not accept the offer, I would be able to get it back. Help what shall I do, (panic icon)
  9. Great i will ring them now actually, and fight to get it all back, thanks for your help.
  10. Yeah I went down the correct routes, didnt have to threaten court action, as they offered to pay lower amount. Just wondered if it was ture what they were saying before I act in the small claims court.
  11. Halifax have offered me £500 of my £781 back, I rang them and refused, they said that they will not pay back the interest and never had, cos that is them admitting that the bank charges are wrong. So they finally agreed to pay me £586.00, send me out another agreement letter, but stated the amount as £5.86 on the acceptance form. I am going to ring them to correct this, I have also closed my account now, and they are been funny about sending me a cheque. Do you think I should fight for the interest as well, if so how do I go about doing this.
  12. Hi, I have won against HSBC, just fighting with Halifax. Didnt realise you could do it with store cards too. Can you do this if the devt has gone to a Debit collecting agency also ? If so could someone please give me the first letter requesting the statements. Thanks in advance YIPPEE!!!
  13. How long does it take to get your money back ? I have got a letter stating that my statements are available for me to collect from the local branch (this is now a closed account and has been for about 2 years now) I am going to pick them up tomorrow, and was wondered on average what stage did they pay out to you. Also just about to take HSBC to the smalls claim, and really nervous
  14. should I send another LBA then, and see what happens ?
  15. I am really scared about sending the small courts claim ? Why does this have to happen to me ? I sent them by Recorded Delivery also, so I know they have got them
  16. I sent my letter off via recorded post on the 2nd Oct, still havent got the statements back, not even a letter of confirmation or anything. It is coming up to the deadline now, They have cashed the cheque of £10, this was done within a few days of sending the letter. What to do recommend I do ?
  17. Sent it to the HSBC by recorded post last monday, still havent got anything back. Got another week to go, how long did it take you lot to get a result ?
  18. I sent my letter along with my excel sheet exactly 14 days tomorrow. Was it 14 working days ? or just 14 days I had to wait for a reply ? If it was 14 days, what do I do next, as I have not heard anything back from HSBC. Thanks
  19. Hi I have just started to claim back my bank charges. Luckly enough got my statements on line, so printed them off, highlighted them all and sent it off in the post, by recorded delivery on the 2nd Oct. Been chasing since then, tracking on the website. Letter still not delivered. The letter is dated 2nd Oct, and gives them 14 days in which to reply. But I rang the Royal Mail, thy said it could take up to 15 workign days to be delivered (CRAP). What happens then ?
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