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  1. I claimed all the charges on my account legitimate or not. I dont believe they will go to court in any case .I am at the second on your bike stage from A&L and am now about to do the small claims court. I am recalculating the charges and added interest before proceeding.I am not being greedy, I am being absolutely livid that a bank could treat a loyal customer in the fashion they have, and then try to condone it all in letters that basically state they think the charges they are applying are in order because other banks do the same!! Will let you all know how it pans out!
  2. Having finally waded through all the bank statements which A& L kindly sent me completely out of sync, I have the figures I need to claim back. Am I right in assumming I can claim back the fiver to fifty pounds monthly they charged over 5 years for an overdraft facility, plus the 23p to 5pounds odds in interest every month? These alone ammount to well over 1,000 pounds so do i include this in the other figures which also come to the same roughly? Further do I need to itemise each of these when I send the letter for claiming? Thanks again for your help and the progress I have made to date could not have happened without your help. I cant wait to be in a position to donate to the site and am looking forward to getting the whole debacle cleared away! Thanks again Wavehopper
  3. Thanks Guys for all the sterling help to date. the letter that came with the statements has stated that all communicationn should be done through Bootle, but having read the replies here, i think i will stick with the Narborough address. Both my previous letters were sent recorded delivery and I shall keep all communications on that also. Having now studied just a few pages of the documents sent, I found that they seemingly bounced a direct debit because I was 20p overdrawn, then that same day, accepted my wages into the account. reading oin to next month I found the bounced dd was charged at 32 pounds, that put my account into a further overdraft situation and they then charged a further 25 pounds for unauthorised overdraft fees, so the 20p cost me 57quid, plus the people the DD was to be sent to charged me afurther 10 quid for admin fees! I dont care what the cost will be now for court or anywhere else , i am totally committed to getting every penny back no matter what, and I want to thsnk everyone to date for their help and encouragement! regards, wavehopper
  4. further to last postings, I have today ( 7th november) received my bank statements for last 6 years and am currently wading through these to see what I can claim back. Original letter went 26/9/06 , and I sent a reminder 20 days later to remind them the clock was still ticking. None of my letters were acknowledged, so there was some heel dragging on getting me the information. Will be sending claim letter over next 7 days when i have studied the documentation and hopefully proceedings can start immediately thereafter! Not so worried now as the system seems to be working!
  5. Thanks for your fast reply and encouragement! Having suffered the jackboot on the throat from this bank for so long, I get suspicious they will try anything to get out of their responsibilities.I am sending a second letter to tell them they have 19 days left to comply and hope that will evoke a response. Thanks again for showing me I am not alone here, and I will keep the forum posted as and when things start to happen. Wavehopper
  6. Thanks for your fast reply.It is most welocomed and cheering! I suppose that having felt the weight of the Banks jackboot on the throat for so long I am suspicious that they will try any trick they can to weasel their way out from their responsibilities! I am sending the second letter today reminding them they have 19 days left to comply and hopefully that will produce a response! I will keep the forum posted as and when things develop and thanks for showing me I am far from being alone here! wavehopper
  7. I have studied eveything i can on the site for the reclaiming of Bank Charges, primarily against the Alliance and Liecester. I have written off under the Daa Protection Act for the bank statements of the last 6 years and sent the fee. It has been three weeks now and I have had no reply to my letter or acknowledgement and am sending a letter to the effect that as far as I am concerned they have received the original letter and the clock is ticking. ( I sent the original by recorded delivery so i know they got it!!).My worry is if they ignore the 40 day deadline I set , do i have any recourse, or what do I do in that case? wavehopper
  8. Thanx for the useful advice! I have been devouring every word on how to start the reclaiming proceedure and am already confident enough to start the process flowing. I have today downloaded the forms and am ready to send off for the bank statements and I will use these to glean as much info as I can before going on to the next step, as i want this to be completely bulletproof from the outset.It`s good to know I can get back-up and/or info from people such as yourself and I am delighted to have finally found the bottle to take on the banks! Thanks again for your fast reply and the sensible no nonsense approach! I am actually looking forward to the fight, after all, nothing ventured is nothing gained! regards, wavehopper
  9. Glad that GMTV had the foresight and sense to let details of this site and how to reclaim bank fees get good air time! I am personally on the warpath against the Alliance and Leicester to start with and then the Abbey. Having told both Banks how seriously ill i was last year ( wasn`t expected to make it through Christmas) I had short shrift from both. I was levvied over 250 pounds in charges just last month for three missed Direct debits, ( there is really no way to transfer cash from an Intensive Care Ward!!!), and I am finally going to take the plunge and reclaim my cash. if anyone else has taken these two on I would appreciate feedback. Hope to be chatting here for a long time to come!! TTFN
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