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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply Citizenb. I think I will contact step change in the first instance & also my union at work, who I've noticed are beginning to help people with debt problems.
  2. Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply Bombaymix. They did send a letter showing the bracket I would be in & I was expe ring to pay back about £300 per month, I didn't realise because there are two orders they would run at the same time. Is put me in a real position this month with paying my house rent. I'm going to contact step change for some help. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've used this site but now my debts are taking over & I really must address them. Please bear with me... My husband left me in 2009 & since then I have struggled financially (I have small children to support) but I work full time so it's not too terrible. I have debts & have taken on payday loans, I have ccjs & attachment of earnings orders. I'm fairly savvy although I don't have a lot of spare time, who would advise trying to deal with these debts by myself or should I lay it all into the hands of step change?
  4. Hi, I have two attachment of earnings orders for council tax which were put through court at the same time and total about £1500 together. Today is the first time I have been paid & the amount that has been taken from my wages is £600ish leaving me just over £1000 to live on for the month. My rent is £685 so as you can see I will be very short this month. I have done some research online via HMRC & cab website & they talk about a protected payment amount but I can't find exact details of amounts, I need to know if they can actually take this amount in one go or if my employer ha
  5. Would appreciate some advice please. My local authority have taken me to court on the basis of failur to notify a change of circumstances & obtaining an overpayment of housing benefit, i was found guilty & sentenced to community payback & fined. I have appealed this, as it is incorrect, i never needed to notify them as the person they say was living with me was not. Their conviction was based on letters & bank accounts etc being at my address. I have recently sat down & gone through the numbers they have used, they are trying to reclaim around £10k, however the d
  6. i'm just going to keep this up to date as i progress it might help someone. This is the letter i have posted & emailed: Dear Sirs I am writing with regard to the above account relating to a Liability Order your company has been requested to enforce. I would like to inform you that your client has accepted payment in full for £108 – ref number **********. As any amounts you now claim are outstanding, are fees applied by yourselves I request that you please provide me with a breakdown of the charges including Computer Screenshot. This is not a subject access request under the Data
  7. no i dont own that car anymore and the one i do own has just been taken away to a garage as i was the non fault party in an accident last week, he has not made a levy as far as i know he has not left paper work. I am 3 1/2 months pregnant and recieve housing & council tax benefits. I am thinking i will pay the council fine via the automated system then write to baliffs stating council has accepted payment in full and as any outstanding fees will amount to civil action i await their court order and also ask for break down of fees? Sound reasonable?
  8. help please - will try to keep it quick. Recieved a council parking ticket, then letter to say it had gone up. Am currently undergoing a DRO to sort my finances and incorrectly thought it could be included so ignored original letters from baliffs. When i realised it couldn't be included in DRO i called them to say i couldn't afford to pay the amount of £108 in full but was willing to make an arrangement, they said they wasn't prepared to do that and i'd need to pay in full. I then called the council and said i believe i am classed as a vunerable person as i am pregnant at the moment and was
  9. I thought, if i arrived back at the car before he had started to issue ticket he did not then have to go ahead and issue it? Obviously his a jobsworth and did so but maybe if i hadn't stop to try and be polite to him he wouldn't have got to issue it!
  10. Just a question, recieved a parking ticket last week: Drove up to a local village that i haven't been to for a while, parked in white box bay outside of row of shops and popped in the pet shop for all of 5 mins, when i came out parking attendent was standing at car. I said to him oh sorry should i not have parked there, i'm here now. to which he replied "Dicks parking only" (disc parking apparently but he had a terrible accent LOL) Well i went onto say i never knew that as i hadn't shopped here for a good few years, so i will just go now. He says too late i have done your ticket. He hadn't e
  11. I've SAR'd Vanquis about 4 months ago, they replied stating to save time they would refund me around £150 and didn't enclose statements, then they set a debt collector on me. I've took a few months out due to having a baby and i have heard nothing off of them but i will be writing to them this week, i'll update this with more exact dates when i have the paperwork to hand.
  12. i currently have a Natwest basic account but i have tried to upgrade to a curent account and got refused, was told it must be because of my cerdit score (currently 650) so what score would i need to be looking at to open an account. I am aware of other factors and am on electorol roll etc and aware of late payments.
  13. i was on 685 and that was still poor, it has now gone down to 645 as i had a late payment on a catalogue it does say the nations average credit score is 750 so maybe thats when it gets to good? i've joint checkmyfile.co.uk to get my info and on there both call credit and experian say i have no searches which is bad against my score, BUT Equifax says i have 20 searches, which i'm sure have been created by a broker! i need to get some removed.
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