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  1. What a nightmare!!! I cant believe how you must have felt. I dont think I could have kept my cool. Have you complained to them since you got back?
  2. Yes I already worked that out for myself. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You obviously work in the industry so advice as to what to do next would be great. The latest is, they asked me to fax a copy of the web page. I sent it 4 times as they kept saying they hadnt received it. (more delaying tactics). They now promise me a call back on Weds to tell me what they propose to do. The guy who calls himself "Victor" (obviously not his real name if you get my drift) says they may pay for the upgrade as we have been misled. Im not holding my breath. 25 phone calls, 4 faxes,2 e-mails and Im still at square one. My other half is making herself ill with the worry. NEVER AGAIN !!!
  3. Havinastella There was no sign displayed at all regarding the different deals. I read all the T's and C's before booking. I trust no-one !I have a print out of what the web site advertises so I know what I paid for and what I was led to expect I would receive. I have been ripped off pure and simple. Trading Standards helping now. Thanks
  4. Thanks for that Meldrew 2. I will do as you suggest. As I write this I am still waiting a call back from the guy who sold it to me. This is the third day on the run he has said he will call to sort it and hasnt. I am sick to death of calling them and so angry for being taken for a fool. I read all the details about it, all the Terms and Conditions etc and no mention of "light" ws ever made. Do you think a call to Trading Standards will help or do you think they will give the advice as you have? Thanks:evil:
  5. We booked it with UK travel, they then put it through youtravel which we didnt know about. There is no mention of light on the web page I chose it from. We were told it was all inclusive-no mention of light. The £100 extra is what the hotel manger told us we would have to pay on top to get the full all inclusive deal when we arrive.
  6. I need your help urgently please. I booked a weeks holiday in Cyprus on Sunday via the internet with UK travel. A week in a 5 star hotel all inclusive for £1200. They e-mailed me the travel docs yesterday and it says "all inclusive light" (I have never heard of this ) No mention was made of this by the advisor when I booked and paid in full on my debit card. I have since found out the holiday is via "youtravel" and they have done this before. The light option hardly includes anything.I rang the hotel this morning and was told I would have to pay another £100 on arrival. I have been duped big time and to say I am mad is an understatement. I have rang them several times today all to no avail. I am gutted as it is the first holiday I have had in years. I was completely mis-sold this holiday. I have looked the hotel up in some holiday brochures and it is no cheaper in them so it isnt as if I have had a bargain by doing it through some internet company. Where do I go from here?
  7. If its what she wants then go for it mate. We all arent in a position to get the real thing. If it makes her day who are we to judge the merits of real v copies.
  8. Well done me!! As no-one else appears interested I will congratulate myself:)
  9. I sent a letter confirming I would not accept half and telling them I was off to court. Saturday morning a letter offering full amount into a bank account of my choice within 14 days arrived !!! Result....yahoo:D
  10. Sorry to hear about your dreaded bankrupcy. I did read the post.....it said any help would be appreciated. They suspended the service they didnt end the contract. As to your question "why the hell should I pay?" If you have used the service then I think you should pay if you can. Did you contact them to say you had lost your job? The DCA will contact you to arrange a payment plan that is affordable for you. Cant figure out why they added 2 months on if you were out of contract. Have you had an upgrade?
  11. your contract is for a minimum of 12 months. After that you keep it open unless you give them 1 month notice. I would say you are liable for the £35 you didnt pay them and 1 more month on top for your notice period. They pass all outstanding debt to a DCA and they will put their cut on top. I would be tempted to pay up as they will show a default othrwise which is not worth it. Hope that helps a bit
  12. Called Winkfield office today rejecting their half offer. I asked if they wanted to settle in full now as it is such a small amount and pointed out it would avoid them having to pay court costs and added interest. The guy on the other end said they wouldnt offer more than half so to go ahead with the court claim. MCOL will be completed tomorrow. Here we go again !!! What a waste of their money and the court time eh?
  13. No they wont take the balance of the loan and send you the rest. They will just send you a cheque for the full amount. As for the management plan I cant help you there sorry as I have no experience of them
  14. When I took on NatWest I sent all he letters recorded delivery and the track and trace showed none of them as being delivered!! However, they all were as I had replies to them all and a big fat settlement cheque. Looks like Royal Mail are as reliable as other big companies !!!!
  15. Got another letter today offering exactly half so after phone call to them on Monday offering to save them the court fee if they want to settle in full I will fill in the MCOL. Same pattern as NatWest!!
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