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  1. Thanks very much Andie 303. I've been sitting on this questionnaire for a couple of weeks trying to figure out what to do next. Thanks also minus-millions, I hadn't thought of sending previous copies of correspondence all the time but will do. I can't believe that despite being warned about being obstructive Welcome continue to be just that!
  2. Hi, I've had the questionnaire and am trying to work out whether I need to complete it or not. As you say it does not alter what you are claiming for and I am wondering whether it is a delaying tactic or an attempt to draw you in to shooting yourself in the foot with your responses to their questions? I was thinking they figure that everyone is just sending template letters and don't really know what they are doing, so getting people to respond in this way could result in them writing something that would invalidate their claim through ignorance? Any further information / suggestions would be most welcome (no pun intended) as I'm not sure what to do.
  3. Hi, Just looking for some advice please. I am helping my father-in-law with a PPI claim. I have sent an initial letter as follows: Dear Sir or Madam, Policy Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx I purchased the above policy from you on the 21st November, 2005 but now believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the following reasons: Your member of staff did not ask me about any previous medical conditions when the policy was sold. Having now read the terms of the policy I have noticed that my medical condition of diabetes was not covered and your member of staff did not advise me of potential exclusionswhen the policy was sold. I was not given the correct information when the policy was sold to me, as: Your salesperson was very pushy in selling me the policy so that I felt I could not say no. Your salesperson implied that taking out the policy was essential for me to get the associated credit. Unless you can satisfactorily justify to me that the policy was fair and reasonable I am requesting a full refund of all premiums, and subsequent interest on these payments, that I have paid to date. As I believe I have been deprived of this money I also expect 8% statutory interest, the amount a court would award, to be added to each payment made. I look forward to a full and prompt response to this letter and for the matter to be concluded within eight weeks or I shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint. Now Welcome have sent a question sheet asking me to fill in: 1. Where and how the PPI policy was taken out? 2. "In your own words...the exact reason for your complaint" 3. What do you remember from the time you took out the policy? 4. What documentation were you given when you took out the policy? 5. Please provide details about your job at the time and details of other PPI policies you had in the past. 6. Is there any other information you wish to tell us about your complaint? I'm not sure how to respond, are they trying to draw a response to invalidate the claim? Should I complete it or tell them I have already given them all the information they need, or is that being obstructive? I'm just trying to help him get all the money back that he is entitled to as he really was sold something with no value with his ongoing diabetes and he was told he would not be accepted should he not take the PPI. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if I'm being a little naive! Richard
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