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  1. Hey there. When you submit a claim to the court can you add on additional charges ie, for admin time/stess incurred? Kind of what the banks do? and refer to it as 'admin costs' or 'additional charges'. cheerz, james
  2. Hey. I won my charges back a while ago, but just thinking about giving it another go...something's never change! But do I heav to wait until this test case is over? Or can I go ahead? And what are the implications of the test case? Don't worry about an essay. The gyst will be more than sufice. Peace out and thank you in advance!! james
  3. Hey. Stephie. Thank you for your response. MY problem is that some of my charges were refunded and part refunded. The spreadsheet does not allow for this. Am I allowed to just claim for all the charges and save myself the headache of trying to work out interest on each individual charge?
  4. I am so confused with this 8% thing. I thought you just took the amount of charges and multiplyed it by 1.08. But now I'm thinking this is not the case. Can I just leave out the 8% interest and claim for all the charges and save myself a lot of hassle??? Please please help!!!
  5. My claim is for £1201.75. With the 8% it comes to £1297.89. My question is: what amount do I enter in 5A? The amount with the 8% or without? Also, do you have to attach a spreadsheet to the claim? Please let me know!!! N THE ANYWHERE COUNTY COURT BETWEEN JOE BLOGGS CLAIMANT And GRABBBIT BANK LTD DEFENDANT PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 1. The Claimant [has] [had] an account 1 ("the Account") with the Defendant which was opened on or around 2 [and closed on or around 2 ] 2. During the period in which the Account [
  6. I'm really stuck. Do you use your local branch, their head office, or a different one? Please help!
  7. What address do you for HSBC when filling out an online claim???? Thank you
  8. Also, If I put in a claim against HSBC what address do I use for them on the online form?? Cheers
  9. Hey. I claimed for £971 and they have offered me part settlement of £855. However, I've been charged another £190 while this has been going on. Is my best bet to ignore the offer and claim the new amount of £1161 through filling out a claim form? Also, Do I have to inform them I'm going to add the new £190 onto my claim or am I free to go ahead without telling them. Please tell me my best option Thank you, JAmes
  10. Hey. I claimed for £971 and just got an offer today for £855. My problem: Since starting this claim they've fined me another £190 (Go me!). That means my claim now stands at £1161. Question: Should I just ignore the offer and go ahead andf fill in a claim online for the full amount plus interest? (Or) Should I accept the £855 as a partial payment and then fill out a claim for the remainder - including my sexy new charges? 2nd Question: Do I need to tell them that I'm going to add the £190 pounds to my claim before I fill the claim for online? Or do I just go ahead?
  11. Thanks for that. The charges are for using my account while I've been overdrawn - is that still cool? Peace
  12. Hey. Just a quickie. I've just added up all my charges. Now before I send off my first letter, can I claim for small charges like £12, £18, and £20? Also, should I definitley send it in spreadsheet format? Or as long as the charges are detailed it doesn't matter? Just want to get it right first time. You help will be much appreciated. JAmes
  13. Hey. Just added up my total charges and it comes to £1000. Swines. Where can I get a sample letter before I send mine off? I can't seem to find it. Too many forums make JAmes confused Any help much appreciated.
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