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  1. Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum, please move if needed. My fiance and I signed up with annualcreditreport.co.uk this year and there have been been linked addresses on both reports. The one on mine was my own address with a random postcode as a result of a credit card application. I contacted M&S Finance who told me that somebody had entered another customer's postcode as part of my address and that they would have it removed from my file. As the site only checks once a year I haven't been able to confirm this, however they were very apologetic and assured me it would be sorted. All fine there. However my fiance's report has a previous address from 2005 as a linked address. It was created by her bank on 30th June 2005, strangely after she left (we moved into a flat together on the 1st of June). We wouldn't have been bothered about it, however it's a large student flat with a lot of international students, some of whom have left with outstanding debts. She's sometimes been rejected for credit despite earning more than me and with neither of us having any bad debt (in fact sometimes we've found I've been accepted for something where she hasn't), and we were wondering if it's down to this address. Since none of our other previous addresses show up as linked, could HBOS have this down because of bad debt at this address? Also, would we be able to have it removed by HBOS as I did with M&S? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Spoke to energywatch yesterday, both the HE and SP call centres were closed on the 2nd so I phoned them back today and they're getting in touch with both suppliers. I also spoke to SP to let them know that energywatch were going to be contacting them and they've marked my account as being in dispute so I don't get hassled for payment. The guy was quite helpful actually and also said he'd try and get some information from the gas transportation people to try and clear things up.
  3. When we moved into our new flat in May, we changed our gas supplier from the existing one (ScottishPower) to the supplier we had in our old flat (HydroElectric). Basically, they've been arguing over who's been supplying our gas, with HydroElectic claiming they took over the supply in July, and ScottishPower claiming that they still supply it. After phoning both of them various times it was supposed to have been resolved, however a few weeks ago we got another bill from ScottishPower. In effect, we're being billed by two companies for the same supply. I wrote to both of them saying that we considered both accounts to be in dispute and that we expected the balances to be frozen until this was resolved. I gave them two weeks to sort it out saying that subsequently I'd pass the matter on to energywatch and Trading Standards. I still haven't heard from HE (just got home after being away for a week) and I got a letter from SP on the 13th saying that they were waiting on a final meter reading from HE and I also got a bill reminder dated the 22nd from them demanding payment within 5 days. Both call centres are closed today of course but I wanted to get some advice about my next move. I clearly stated that we considered both account to be in dispute as the matter is between HE and SP, and that we refused to pay two suppliers for our gas. Am I right in thinking that neither can demand payment at the moment? Can I threaten SP with a court injunction? I'm going to speak to energywatch and Trading Standards but they won't be available until the middle of the week and I'd like to get a letter off ASAP. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I'll probably leave the point about the banking standards code in but take the others out. Also, I think you're missing the point a bit here Glenn. Whether I choose to give the bank in question my custom or not is irrelevant as it is not practical for me to close my account at the moment. The whole point of my post was to prevent my account being closed, or my overdraft removed.
  5. A similar thing happened to me with me regarding fees; I sent a cheque for £5, they debited £5 from my account, they credited £5 to my account and finally cashed the cheque. If you haven't heard anything after a week or so you can always give them a phone and see if it's being processed. After the inital confusion when the branch lost my request and it finally got to the right department, I got my statements fairly quickly and they were quite helpful when I phoned them to make sure it was in hand.
  6. I received an offer of a few hundred pounds less than the amount owed by my bank today, and I'm hoping that after my reply I'll be offered the full amount (if not then I'll have to go file that claim). Anyway in the event that things go to plan, I'm thinking of adding a condition to my acceptance of the offer (when and if it comes). I just wanted to see if anyone had done anything similar and to get any thoughts on it.
  7. Received copy of the previous letter on Monday (he seemed to think I hadn't got it through). I posted a letter extending my deadline until the 16th and got an offer of £510 today. I've replied with an edited thanks-but-no-thanks letter saying that I'll go ahead with the claim if I don't have a postitive response. In both letters I've stressed that I'm an otherwise satisfied customer and expressed my desire to settle the matter amicably, hopefully this will be the case.
  8. The head office is St Andrews Square but the Retail Regulatory Risk department is that first address, I think they're based out that their new complex out near the airport.
  9. There was at least one bank that had something similar on their correspondance too, can't remember which one.
  10. I've never had a problem with the AA, neither has my mum as far as I know. Maybe I've been lucky.
  11. I was advised recently by someone I spoke to at checkmyfile.com to write to the reference agencies to tell them that my partner and I are now on the electoral roll as seemingly they only check it a few times a year. I did this a few weeks ago and I've had letters back from Experian and Equifax. The Experian basically said that's fine and confirmed that we were on the roll at our address, Equifax however have asked us to provide letters from the council to prove that we're on the electoral roll. Now, we do have the letters somewhere and I can send them off when I find them but given that it's a credit reference agency's job to know this kind of information, shouldn't they be doing it themselves? After all, Experian seemed to manage it (I haven't heard back from CallCredit). I just wanted to see if anyone else had come across this out of interest.
  12. Thanks Mairi. I know that the summons has to be served by an officer, what I wanted to check is whether my copy of the claim has to be signed for as there's usually nobody in the house when the post arrives.
  13. Lots of useful stuff there, thanks. Has anyone found the table of costs regarding summary causes? Even though it's unlikely to go to court I just wanted to check what I'd potentially be liable to pay if the worst happened. Also, I'd noticed this on the thread for small claims procedure: Is this also the case for a summary cause? Depending on which day the summons arrives I'm unlikely to be in the house and I'd like to avoid paying another officer's fee, even if I can claim it in my costs.
  14. Thanks! I think someone claiming against RBOS was filing one but I can't remember which thread I saw it in.
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