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  1. I think it could be 6 years from the default, but I could be wrong.
  2. I have just received a reply from aic saying that they have received payments on the account and that it was not cleared completely. However the amount owing is just over £200 and aktiv kapital are chasing me for £450. Obviously the debt that they bought from GE for £450 cannot be correct when the balance owed was much less. I am going to write to Aic and GE again to ask for statements to see if many charges were added to the account because this is likely to be made up of these. Aktiv kapital surely are wrong in their information, and while I do not mind paying any money owed, their aggressive pursuit makes me determined to hold them off. the debt will not be 6 years old until september 2009 according to the credit report. this is the only debt I have, having successfully gained back £9000 in charges and having default removed from various companies from this period. Aktiv kapital are the only crowd I am having difficulty with!
  3. any help would be appreciated, I know this crowd are tricky people to deal with!
  4. sorry, need to clarify, on the credit report, the defaults are to a.k. not ge or aic. tell me also, can they now apply for a ccj after so much time has lapsed?
  5. Hi there for some years now I have been dealing unsuccessfully with Aktiv kapital. they bought 2 debts from GE that I had, and at the same time, I was paying one of them off to AIC. these debts are 5 years old. then I paid off both, one to aic as I was already paying them for it, and the other to aktiv kapital. I sold my house to pay for these and thus moved, happy in the knowledge that all was well etc. 4 years later, I get a copy of me credit report and there are the 2 defaults and they say that I have gone away and not paid. So after a few months of wrangling, I get them to update the one that was paid to them (I have to get a copy of the cheque I sent them and it was a nightmare) the second one (which was paid to AIC) they will not update saying that it is still owed to them and I must prove to them I paid it... Aic will not give access to this information as it is archived (it was paid by one of those slips for the post office that they send you so no cheque) and I need the original aic account number, not the ge account number, they are unhelpful and a complete nightmare. I sent them the data protection letter with a postal order and that was at least a year ago, I sent them further letters, nothing in reply from them! I, in the meantime sent all the paperwork to aktiv kapital to prove that I owe them it, they were unable to provide any of it, not the original agreement, default, or the transfer of the debt. so I wrote to them saying that the debt was unsubstantiated, it was paid in full, go away and leave me alone. I also got in touch with ge who say that the account is clear on their side but this could be because it was paid in full from a debt collector or bought by a debt collector. A year has passed and Buchanan wells and clark solicitor have now written to me on behalf of Aktiv kapital, I tried to explain to them that I don't owe any cash and have posted the paperwork Aktiv Kapital sent saying they could not provide any original agreements, default etc. If only Aic would respond. In August this year, it will be 6 years and I was hoping it would drop off the credit report anyway, but it seems that the harrassment will not end. what to do? dca are a bunch of arrogant people who won't help whether you pay or not! incidentally, with the moving of house all aic letter are lost, after paying in full, I naively didn't realise the importance of keeping them, Sinead
  6. Sorry I meant to add I have had no complaints and all orders were completed so their claim has been unfounded!
  7. is there any way we can put pressure on them to release the funds, obviously, they are not refusing to pay, just not right now, but in 90 days. the sentinel computer system they employ picks up on suspicous sellers (genuinely so or not) and when you contact them, it picks up the words on your enquiry and deals you out an appropriate computer generated answer- I know this because it has sent the same answer to me to different enquries!) What Should I write to them?
  8. Hi there This has also happened to me and many others according to the amazon forums. Basically the "sentinel" system suspects me as a chronic failure for issuing refunds to people who buy items elsewhere or who return them due to unsuitablilty. Amazon doesn't like this so they held my seller fees for 30 days. the 30 days ended yesterday and lo and behold (despite only 3 measly book sales from then until now totalling 3p, none of which have been refunded) they have decided to hold the funds for up to 90 days. they do not speak to sellers who have been blocked and will only take email enquiries - to which no one replies except to say the account is blocked and the funds held for up to 90 days.... useless really. apparently i am in breach of the participation agreement and my funds totalling £945 are held in their bank pending an investigation that they have said is none of my business! Anyone who has had any satisfaction regarding this.. please help!
  9. Thanks for the advice, you just don't know these days if people will take things further or not!
  10. Hi there, just checking what people think! We run a basic cleaning firm where we clean people's houses. yesterday, when one of the cleaners went to do a house clean, (where the people supply the cleaning materials) the man who owns the house slipped on the floors. Now, firstly the floors were damp and drying and he was told to be careful. Secondly, it transpires that the floor cleaner supplied was polish not "pledge wooden floor cleaner" and so the floors were slippy. The cleaner went back and redid the floors as soon as we all realised what had happened. do you think the customer has grounds for claiming as he suppplied the floor cleaner and was told to stay off the wet floors?
  11. Hi just to let you know that you can pursue this in n.i but in the county court rather than the small claims I have had a settlement of 1372 in full today from b of ireland, not because I pursued them in court ( i did this but it was adjourned awaiting the oft report) but because I reported them to the fin ombudsman threaten court action and report them as well. good luck
  12. The abbey have settled two claims out of court for me that i split in two from the same bank account. I knew there was a risk but pursued it anyway, and I am glad because it paid off!
  13. Well after all the worry, yes, the abbey have settled again in full, making the total I have got back from them in excess of £5k over the last year!! Many thanks to all the this forum who have been helpful!
  14. Sorry to be a bit thick, I have read the sticky and just want to confirm if this also applies to Northern Ireland? Thanks
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