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  1. Hi , I have to hand my documents into the court and don't have the right terms and conditions . Can't get the rapidshare to work . Can anyone email it directly to me . [email protected] Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have a court case booked in for aug 6th 2007 at Bournrmouth county court against Lloyds TSB. Its for £4667.87 . Can anyone clarify what may happen now that they have been told they can freeze cases for up to a year while the investigation is on going. Does this mean my court date may be cancelled or if i go to court will they ajourn it until a ruling has been made. Help.....
  3. nat24

    BBC Report

    Hi, I have most details prepared for the court bundle but am looking for the BBC report. Does anyone have a copy.Also, I printed off the Lloyds Tand Cs from the website. Will this suffice? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am claiming £4667.87 including interest from LLoyds TSB. I have a court date for aug 6th in Bournemouth county court and just need to complete my court bundle. I am looking for :- Sample cases settled BBC money programme bank commission Martin Orton Letter Mcnamara interview Witness staement Australian bank commission Lloyds tsb t&C I already have Correspondance Statements Schedule of charges Relevant case to law summary Early day motion from houses of parliament Dunlop v new garage UTCCR 1999 UCTA 1997 SAGA 1987 OFT statement summary PLEASE COULD SOMEONE DIRECT ME TO THESE AS HAVE A LITTLE TROUBLE NAVIGATING THE SITE AND WOULD REALLY LOVE TO FINISH THE BUNDLE THIS WEEKEND. IS THERE ANYTING ELSE I SHOULD INCLUDE ? THANKS
  5. Its the dreaded Lloyds TSB... Can you clarify what you mean by terms and conditions and where i will find them. I am just a bit nervous as to what i will be asked as i would like to be fully prepared. Thanks.
  6. I Have a court date for aug 6th 2007 and have my court bundle prepared and ready go. Can anyone advise me of what will happen in court ? and what questions i may be asked so i can be prepared with the right answers. Thanks
  7. I am taking Lloyds TSB to court for the amount of £4661.00 in unfairly taken bank charges . I have finally received a court date for August 6th 2007 and have been sent an order for directions but I’m unclear as to what to do. It goes as follows. 1,) Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents on which he intends to rely on in court. 2,) The copies shall be delivered by 31st July 2007. 3,) The original documents shall be bought to court. 4,) Signed statements setting out the evidence of all witnesses on whom each party intends to reply shall be prepared and copies included in the documents mentioned in paragraph 1. This includes the evidence of the parties themselves and of any other witnesses are going to come to court to give evidence. 5,) The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the court date. I received a letter from Lloyds solicitors asking for all documents before I received the court date so I sent off their copy of the court bundle I had prepared so this includes no witness statements. Does paragraph 4,) mean I have to do witness statement to include in my court bundle and if so do you know what I should write or is there a template statement ? Also, Does this mean I will have to send a copy to Lloyd solicitors? Any help would be great.
  8. I was a Lloyds TSB customer and am claiming back over £4000 in charges. I am awaiting a court date after the filling in the AQ and would like some help on what to put in the court bundle apart from the obvious . the statements and lists of charges etc... I am unclear of what else i need. I believe i need an OFT report or section of it but does anyone know where i would find it and what else i need. Would be very grateful. I know they may not turn up but i want to be properly prepared. Thankyou for your time and help. Natalie.
  9. I am at section G of the AQ and am not sure what to put in. I have read the notes but didn't completely understand whether i should put about it taking no longer than hour or whether i was sopposed to fill in the draft directions or whether this is a seperate letter that goes with the AQ. Would be grateful if anyone could help.
  10. Have been filling in the N129 and just have a quick question about the bottom part. In section G other information, Is this where i fill in directions section. Sorry to be a pain.
  11. Hi, I am currently claiming bank charges back for the amount of £4666.71 including interest from Lloyds TSB. I have followed each procedure letter by letter and have never even recieved an offer, just blatant "no you not entitled to it" replys . I issued court proceedings with mcol and recieved an initial aknowledgement and have just received a defence from them today. This means i now have to fill out an allocation questionairre which i have no clue what this is or entails. Can anyone help? I also want to be prepared for court proceedings and would like any information that people would advise to bring along and where to find it. And finally, I wondered whether it would be of benefit for me to employ a solicitor to come to court with me due to their so called victory in Birmingham. Thanks.
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