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  1. Okay so i finally got the money...not sure when i got it..as i have been away working until today..... will check my statements though thanks again everyone...
  2. you need to pm a mod and ask them.....they are only ones who can do it... they dont mind.....
  3. oh okay sorry i did not explain.. i never actually got a reply from them by post until the offer....but.. In general NatWest recently have been making an offer within 8 weeks of them recieving the prelim.. This is not a hard fast rule....but looks like the way they are dealing with it... if you read my thread you will see that i phoned them after approx 4/5 weeks to see if there was anything happening and got to speak to a lovely lady who told me to expect a decision within 8 weeks of them getting my prelim.. this has been the case with a quite a few others also... they seem to thi
  4. Yes thats the same as the letter i got. I think the fact that they have made the offer to you within the 8 weeks they say they will respond is also against you.. I think you should take petcat's advice.. But you should get some more views on this..
  5. Out of interest did you get your offer within 8 weeks of them recieving your prelim letter?
  6. I have a similar situation. I decided to take the offer. Mainly due to not having time to carry on. As you have done most of the work already you are in slighty different position. Also not sure how the judge will take you rejecting the offer. This seems to be a sticking point. I think there are others here with better knowledge to offer advice though.. hope it works out for you either way... tant..
  7. Cheers hedgey and standingupformyself you guys are top... The time you spend helping others on here really is incredible.. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!
  8. I got home from working away for 3 weeks yesterday to find a letter saying they are going to refund £2,299.00.. YEY.. That is the full amount without interest... I will except the offer... Thanks so much to everyone on here...as i said been away so hope everyone is doing okay... I dont want to change the title of my thread until the money is in the account though... And obviously a donation is on its way... Thanks again everyone..
  9. Thanks pm sent....didn't think it needed to still sound so desperate...
  10. hmmm yes steven neither worked...
  11. I tried that and it only changed the first post....will try the last post this one hopefully...
  12. Also does anyone know how change the title of my thread to take the "advice please" out....? Do i have to PM a Mod or admin if so who?
  13. No need to be sorry Hedgey...XX I will print off the schedule and get it ready i will also print off the rest of the info i need to read in case i cant get online... Plus it will be something to do while trying to kill time miles away from home in a boring hotel... Ha ha i like the sound of going to the court and pleading poverty especially when the case involves a bank edited all your money... Okay well i am going to make sure its possible when the funds arrive wherever i am... Cheers again ladies....XX
  14. Being self employed makes it impossible to be sure but if not on this friday then i would hope the following one.... Why would i think you are being presumptious??
  15. Do you think it would be advisable to start mcol while away...is everything then online...? I wont have access to a printer while away but i will have my laptop and occasional internet access... I suppose i could print out everything i might need before hand but i think i would be too worried.... Hmm need to think about this one... Hope evrything is going twith your claim not had chance to catch up yet...
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