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  1. Ok. I am still feeling sick with nerves - but I appreciate your reassurance. And yes - will get sorted.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I had my headphones on and was in a world of my own- but yes, I think I need to, it has really worried me. I get incredibly distracted and forgetful when shopping like this - and need to make sure it never happens again - especially as I also fear that this may have happened previously. The lesson is well and truly learnt. Has anyone ever had any experience of the shops checking back over CCTV? I would also like to appeal the lifetime ban - as it was an honest mistake. Has anyone experience of this, or may it 'prod the bear'?
  3. Hello I accidentally walked out of John Lewis with a bag of items. I also had an item in the bag that I had forgotten to pay for from M&S. It has been one of those days... the security guard took me to the back, took my photo, address etc - and gave me a letter with a lifetime ban. He also saw the M&S item and kept that, saying he would return it there. I am so petrified. Will he be in touch with M&S and they will check their CCTV and see that I did not pay for that either? I would like to contact John Lewis to try to get the lifetime ban overturned, as we rely on Waitrose for our food shop as it is close to us. I would be so grateful for any advice and reassurance - I am so petrified that they will escalate matters. Thank you
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