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  1. I am planning to write a letter in response to this by the end of this weekend and send it to TFL as soon as possible. Could you please advise me on what to include? I’ve been using my direct debit card as a form of travel card before all this. I have now purchased a 3 month travel card as a means to show I am committed to paying my fares and will continue to do so. @dx100uk I would also appreciate your advice and recommendations, seeing your experience and active engagement on this forum thank you
  2. Hi, Just received this letter today from tfl. It doesn't say what they are considering proceedings under, just says "the facts of this incident are being considered and I must advice you that legal proceedings may be taken against you in accordance with TFL prosecution policy" Do they not usually mention what they are prosecuting under in this initial letter? Would it help to mention I was awaiting my nominee pass which was submitted 2 months ago? 1st tfl letter.pdf
  3. Thank you so much for your response, I cannot explain the depression this has paralysed me with of the repercussions I face. Ive been unable to go about my day being in the unknown and expecting the worst. I will update as soon as I receive the letter and respond in complete honesty for best resolution. I will look into the defence organisation but don't expect much from them. I will follow up when I have more information and update the forum till the end of the outcome of the case in order to help others.
  4. Nothing comes up other then this post? what am I looking for? Are there any other cases on this forum in similar situation and what was there outcome?
  5. Hi thank you for your swift response, When you say criminal record will that be under the Byelaw or the Regulation of Railways Act 1889?
  6. Hi CAG community, Ive found my self in a very distressing situation today. Ive been using my brothers Staff travel pass since January this year to commute to work on daily basis. Today I was stopped by the inspector and questioned. I panicked and showed him the card, I said I use my debit cards to commute but today I took the pass by accident in a rush but did not use it to which he said you did use it as we can see the light flash up as you scanned it. In hindsight I should have just been honest and said I did use it. He took confiscated my card, took details and said TFL will get in touch as this is a high value pass which will result in court summons possibly. I had no idea at all that this could potentially lead to a court summons, I was under the impression it will potentially result in a fine. I know I shouldnt have used it and what I did was completely wrong. Im not going to make an excuse as to why I did it because its just wrong, I cannot explain how remorseful I feel at my actions. Since this encounter today Ive been extremely depressed and unable to focus on anything as I work for the NHS who require a clean DBS and enhanced DBS for employment. I feel like I'm going to loose my job over saving a few hundred pounds in the last 3 months if this goes to court. I have read various forums in regards to Misuse of travel passes but most do not follow up with the outcome of this case so am not sure what to expect. From what I have read, I will possibly receive a letter from TFL to which I must reply within 10 days ( I intend to accept guilt and following the advice of community ask them if they can allow me to pay all of the fares plus the company's reasonably incurred costs in order to dispose of the matter without Court action). Im not very optimistic that they will settle out of court if they check the pass and see the same journey being undertaken for the last 3 months. Could you please advice what should I do, I really cannot afford to have any form of conviction on my database as it will certainly end my career in the NHS after studying for 5 years to become a doctor. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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