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  1. Hello Thanks for replying I've received my court directions now. As I said I did request my documents via mcol as I am defending the case. I have never had any contact with this debt collection agency and I don't wish to. Lowell/Overdales have sent me what I requested 4 months later from my initial County court claim. I'm not sure how to proceed when what they have provided is not adequate; The covering letter from Overdales says they have sent me a reconstituted CCA which was taken out online but has a photocopied wet ink signature from someone else on it below my electronicly printed name My address is not on it. The court requested a first and final statement which I would have expected to be similar to an official credit card statement if only a copy. All I have been sent is a downloaded list of transactions some of which are questionable. The court also requested a notice of assignment from the OC which is basically a word document, no letter headings, company logo ,accreditations etc. Please shed some light on this kind regards
  2. Hello everyone I'm currently going through the court process with Lowell portfolio 1 for a cc debt they bought off vanquis. I've received documents from them which I requested via MCOL. The copy of the CCA I received doesn't contain my address when I took out the credit card and even though it has my printed name on a blank page at the end it's been signed by someone else? Any advice please
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