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  1. Energy supplier instructed bailiffs to burglarise my home for an economy 7 meter | Good Energy @goodenergy Whilst at work, two energy supplier appointed bailiffs, drilled through the locks of both my porch and front doors. In doing so they caused irreparable damage to my homes locks, doors, hinges and door mechanisms. The bailiffs had been instructed by the energy supplier to install a smart meter. They stole the original locks of my doors and my utility 7 meter. They also had free reign of my property and may have stolen other items from my home. I called and explained to the energy supplier that I was never a customer of theirs. I was not the person mentioned on any of their letters and most importantly I would not have been mentioned on the warrant. The energy supplier replied that my name did not have to be mentioned on the warrant. A warrant had been lawfully obtained from a court and the bailiffs were acting legally to “force” entry into my home. I asked the utility company for evidence of the warrant because I must contest it. They then began back tracking and stating that they would have to contact their bailiff for this information. Surely, they should have this information in front of them. They then wanted to know my personal details, such as my full name and telephone number. I declined to share my personal information with a company which behaves unlawfully. I am still in shock that this happened to me. I now have to find thousands of pounds to replace both doors. Where do I go from here to obtain justice and redress? This is unnecessary stress which I do not honestly need. I am now paranoid that they may have installed hidden listening devices and cameras. I also don't know if they are likely to enter my property at anytime.
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