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  1. I sent the above to Overdales and they have got back to me with a list of transactions from the JD Williams cat account. They have also sent me a letter with confirmation of when the accounts were opened and the last payments on these and the date of default. They have stated no further action will be taken at the moment as they are waiting on documentation In relation to the consumer credit act. Other than this they have been able to provide all the requested documents
  2. Perfect, Thankyou for your help I’ll get that done and sent and let you know what happens next.
  3. Thankyou DX. Just to clarify I don’t complete the form they have sent I print out the one on the thread and send along with the CCA request. If I decide to pay the debt do I still send the CCA request, I would need to pay in instalments if I did. I just want them off my back to be honest.
  4. Just popping back to say I have received a letter of claim today from Overdales. What should I do now?
  5. Thankyou DX. I will file it away with all the other Lowell letters. I’ll pop back when I hear more off them, which I’m sure I will.
  6. I think both were opened 2019, I’m unsure when I last made payments on them but it will have been over a year. I haven’t moved address since.
  7. Hi I’m new here and looking for some advice. I have received today a letter from Overdales Solicitors. It is a notice of acting letter and the debt has been passed on from Lowell and they’re looking to recover the money. The amount they are recovering is for two debts. One is for JD Williams and the other is Studio. I would like some advice on what to do next, do I ignore as I have been doing to Lowell or is there a letter I can send to them?
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