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  1. After pushing Packlink regarding their "30 days" given that Hermes have already told me their "extensive search" couldn't find it, Packlink have updated me today with this: I am still pushing Hermes to initiate a claim with them but they keep on pushing me back to Packlink. I will keep trying. Unfortunately, it seems that the only publicised way of initiating a claim with Hermes is to start by engaging their Support team, which I have done but that is when they push me back to Packlink.
  2. Thank you, @BankFodder. I will proceed as you have advised. My wife and I have used the small claims process before so I'm not afraid of taking that route.
  3. Just to keep this up to date with any updates/progress made, I've now received an email from Packlink in response to me raising a request for non-delivery compensation:
  4. Thank you for the prompt reply. I will start the ordinary claim with Packlink as you suggest. The item was a set of Bose headphones. I'm not sure what you mean by "properly declared". I arranged shipment entirely through the eBay/Packlink process so there wasn't anything for me to fill out. No, I did not purchase the add-on insurance. I have read some of the posts to get a better understanding of where I might have to go with this. I have also contacted the purchaser to ask them whether they want to continue waiting in case the headphones do turn up or if they want me to tell eBay and arrange a full refund.
  5. As so many others have done, I've sold an item on eBay and paid for the Packlink service to ship the item via Hermes to the purchaser. The item sold for £138 plus £2.94 shipping. I dropped the item off at a parcel shop on 28th November. Tracking for the item goes up to 1st December ("Manifested for Delivery") but stops there. I have contacted Hermes and they have replied with: "I have conducted an extensive search and unfortunately, our tracking system is currently unable to locate your parcel. Due to the amount of time that has elapsed since we last received a tracking update, I must unfortunately deem this parcel unaccounted for." "I can see that you purchased the shipping label for this parcel via Packlink. While your parcel was sent using the Hermes network, Packlink are regarded as the carrier in this situation as they provided you with the shipping label. This means that any claims for parcels which have become lost, damaged or delivered late will need to go directly to them so they can discuss the appropriate next steps with you." I've contacted Packlink and they have told me to go through their own claims process. Now, I have read some of the posts on this forum and I do understand that Packlink are based in Spain so affected people are advised to claim against Hermes. So what should I do as the first step? Do I fill out the Packlink claim form knowing that they are going to offer/pay me the standard £20 which isn't enough? I'm presuming that I have to go through all of their prescribed steps first before I can start "fighting back" against an inappropriate compensation offer? Should I go back to eBay and report that the item has been lost and therefore request a refund of my fees and the return of the money to the purchaser? Thank you.
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