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  1. No wasn’t due it service I have found out there is a good possibility that it was caused by condensation in the tank the rac said there was 4 litres in the tank when they emptied my tank some 4 days later after it being in there workshop there was 9.5 litres in ???
  2. When I rang them to tell them I was handing the van back as it’s not my van not my problem they told me then I would be liable by default and would have to pay all monies outstanding
  3. Dear Mr Wilkinson Complaint Ref No: Ref - xxxx Vehicle Registration: xxxxxxx Agreement Number: xxxxxxx Thank you for contacting us regarding the above Lease Purchase Agreement. Further to the receipt of your complaint on 1st December 2021, we were extremely concerned to learn a problem had arisen with your vehicle and we proceeded to raise a case for investigation. You advised the vehicle broke down and was taken to Arnold Clark Renault Blackpool. They diagnosed the issue arising due to contamination in the AdBlue system. The system needs to be flushed but you are unhappy you are being held liable for the cost of repair and requested our assistance to have this carried out under your warranty cover. As our field of expertise lies within finance, we rely on our dealership-network and manufacturer for their mechanical knowledge in respect of the operation of your vehicle. Having contacted Arnold Clark, they advised that the AdBlue system was found to be contaminated. They declined to assist with the cost of any repairs and advised this decision was down to Renault UK who provide the warranty cover. We referred the case to RUK, but they have declined to provide support under warranty on the basis the issue is not due to a manufacturing defect. They confirmed you remain liable for the cost of repair. You have highlighted concern that the manufacturer has not been returning your telephone calls, therefore, we have contacted them and escalated a contact request as a priority. You informed us an independent garage had topped up the AdBlue system some time around April 2021 but that this was done using a brand-new bottle of AdBlue. You also believe the issue would have arisen sooner, had this action caused the concern. You have declined to pay for the repairs on the basis you have not done anything to contaminate the vehicle and you are concerned the dealership has caused the issue. This concern would need to be taken up with the branch directly. We as a finance house decline to assist with the repairs. We are unable to undermine the warranty decision, but you may wish to discuss this further with RUK. If you wish to proceed with the required repair you will need to provide your consent to the dealership, otherwise, arrangements should be made to collect the vehicle. You have sought advice from independent mechanics and told us they informed you the dealership’s findings are incorrect. An accredited technical report would need to be provided, in order to consider any further technical findings. If you dispute the current findings, you can arrange to have the vehicle independently assessed and a technical report should be submitted to RUK for review. You can provide this to us and we will pass it onto the manufacturer on your behalf. As discussed, you may wish to arrange a technical assessment at an alternative Renault dealership to obtain a second opinion. We appreciate this outcome is disappointing, but we hope the above information is of benefit in clarifying our position and enables you to make an informed decision about you wish to proceed. The case file has now been closed and the details contained within this letter constitute our final response. If we can be of any further assistance in the future, you may wish to contact us on 0333 200 2237. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Alternatively, our e-mail address is [email protected] Yours sincerely, Tiffany Monk Case Manager Customer Relations Department RCI Financial Services Limited If you remain dissatisfied with the way this complaint has been handled, you have the right to refer
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me a couple of weeks ago my 2019 Renault traffic wouldn't start I rang Renault assist and they sent the rac out who diagnosed that it was a sensor in the adblue tank and bypassed and told me drive it to the main dealer I took it to where I bought it, a dealer in Preston, and was told they couldn’t look at it till early jan and they sent me back to Blackpool where they took it in a couple of days later the service manager rang me and said the injectors were all caked up and it wasn’t covered by the warranty and quoted me over 4,000 pounds to repair, I said the rac said it was a sensor and if it had been serious he would have had my van towed to the garage not driven ( by the way it drove perfect ). the service manager said something had been put in the adblue tank and that had caused all this damage I contacted Renault customer services and am awaiting their response, I am adamant that nothing was ever put in the adblue tank as I am the only person who had ever driven it can anyone advise or has had similar issue thanks
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