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  1. I got your point. Let's skip Court subject entirely. Enjoy your evening I
  2. Hope you're right Sir But there are always Courts on the way so that's something which bothers me. I must admit you're quite a philosopher i
  3. Thank you for a clarification. In other hand I did borrow money and can't repaying back. They must have some ways of recovering this kind of debts hence my worries. Previous comment stated that they can sell my debt to other country collectors and God knows what they are allowed to do. But as I mentioned before I feel much much better thanks to you guys so gonna try to stay positive. I
  4. what you mean by "there is stuff"? English isn't my first language so I believe it's a natural reaction that I'm afraid I might be in a deeper troubles. I don't know how the english law works in such cases hence my question in this group. Maybe 'pray' was a too big word but indicates that I'm really worried about whole situation. And yes I agree it would be very nice to know what all anyone can do to me. Unfortunately I do not have this knowledge in this particular situation. It might be naive on my side but I trust all that've been said in this topic and will follow your advice. Time will tell if I did the right thing. I appreciate your help. I really do. I feel less worried and started seeing some bright side in this whole situation. So thank you for that. Irmina
  5. That's worrying. Letters with change of address sent. Now I can only pray. Thank you Guys a lot. I
  6. One more question. If I inform bank about my new address outside Uk would they close my account. I'm not sure how it works with banks in uk when don't have valid uk address I
  7. To summarise. Letter with my new address to be sent. How about explaoning my reason of stopping repaiments? Is that crucial or you recommend to skip this step? I know I might be reapiting my questions but I really appreciate you patience and all your comments. I
  8. Do you guys think when I provide my exact address they won't sent letters and maybe bailiffs to my new address. i know Uk is no longer in EU but thay might still cooperate with such cases? I
  9. May I ask what more troubles I can be in? Just for not providing my full address?
  10. I'll write the letter with explanation of why I'm stopping my repayments. I will only include the information that I've moved to Poland without providing my exact address. I'm pretty sure they will start sending me emails demanding repayments and providing exact address. I'm so afraid to start this whole process but I just cancelled my Direct debit so there's no way back. Hope this will end up without me getting into more troubles. Many thanks Irmina
  11. Thank you. My mistake. Do you suggest to send them a letter with information that I've moved abroad? Or email or phone call would be enough? To me not being able to repay the debt feels like a crime. Never been in such situation but I've got to the point where I've simply ran out of any options. Can't thank you guys enough for all your advice. Irmina
  12. I'm holding the bank account but with zero funds on it. If I give them my new address then they will find me easily. I thought your first response was to stop paying them entirely without any notification. I think to be on the safe side I would need to call them and explain the situation. Personally I don't want them to know my Polish address. From what you're saying I gather that I can still be in trouble with the court. That is something I'm trying to avoid. I'm mega confused now. Thank you Irmina
  13. I'm with HSBC. Thank you Guys for a little bit of hope. Irmina
  14. Thank you again. It seems really risky not to inform the at all. How do we know they can't find me in another country.? I'm really scared to have problems with courts. I also no longer have a home address in Uk but I kept bank account. Would that be affected in any way? Irmina
  15. Hi. Thank you for your reply. To correctly understand your response, are you saying that when I'd inform them about the circumstances they might reduce my payment plan, but they will mark my credit file with it? What is the other choice? Not telling them entirely and just stop paying? Wouldn't that put me at risk to get court orders or something like that? Anyway in both scenarios my credit file would be affected in a same way? Sorry for silly questions but it's all new to me. I Appreciate your time and thank you again Irmina
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