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  1. I am going to keep going, they keep shouting fraud and fake evidence when only ones commiting fraud is them. Too much red tape.
  2. Well, shocked is understament. Wellington court have only filed to have the CCJ and high court writ set aside reason she didn't have her side put across to the court before CCj was given now to defend it.
  3. Update...Wellington cfs closed 31st Dec 2021. I have phoned FSCS and made them aware of this.
  4. Update.... .got CCJ and went to high court sheriffs so have a writ. On the 31st Dec wellington CFS closed. Paperwork was signed 15th Dec. I have objected with company house as they can not close when owing money. I then phoned company house as it went from active to closed within days. I was told they couldn't confirm if it was closed but they was able to do it quickly because its head office is in Ireland. Now the interesting part is that the Irish company house do jot show the company as closed.... https://core.cro.ie/e-commerce/company/436550
  5. Received my CCJ against WCFS Ltd today. It is my understanding that I have to wait 14 days now before I can get sheriffs to go in. Is that correct?
  6. Just got a reply from fOS I’m sorry to hear that Wellington Court Financial Services Limited hasn’t complied with the ombudsman’s decision. Unfortunately, there is little more that the Financial Ombudsman Service can now do. We have let the regulator (the FCA) know about this issue. But that might not be enough to change Wellington Court’s mind so you may need to consider taking legal advice for the best way to enforce the decision. I’m sorry this isn’t the answer you were looking for. But we don’t have the power to enforce decisions – ultimately only the courts can do that.
  7. Sure first one was... "Today is day 28 since the legally binding final decision from the Financial Ombudsman Service was given and accepted by myself. I have not had a reply to previous email or any correspondence from your company. Can you confirm payment will be made today? or a date when it will be paid. I want to hear from you by close of business today. As of Tomorrow 8% interest will be added for late payment and the form N322A will be filed at court on Monday. This is just a formality so I can enforced payment with High Court Sheriffs. The court costs and High Court sheriffs costs will be added to the amount owed. It is in the company's best interest to pay the amount owed and Communicate with myself as I am sure you do not want a CCJ on file against your company and high court sheriffs at your door. " THEN SECOND EMAIL SENT WAS..... "I have reported you to FCA for non compliance of FOS legally binding final decision. I have also reported you to your other financial regulator at Central Bank of Ireland. Both do not look favourable on non compliance of an FOS final decision. I request that you reply to my response of your email sent Friday by end of today and confirm receipt of this email. I am trying to assist your company by letting you know of the additional costs that will be incurred from high court sheriffs not threaten, I have won my case against you and i do intend to enforce it."
  8. I reported them to the FCA and the regulator in Ireland. Both are not allowed to tell you of the outcome but it goes to the team that regulates them and they do not look favorably on companies that do not pay.
  9. No personal name was given just Wellington court at the end. Have phoned FOS 3 times and left messages, no return call received yet. Have forwarded all emails onto FOS but no reply yet. Have sent 3 emails asking them to advise etc and again no reply. Am emailing my MP Monday if still no reply from them.
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