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  1. Update: Hermes has been given an extra 14 days to respond to your claim. They need to respond to your claim before 4pm on 29 December 2021. as expected lol
  2. Sure will do sorry. I can confirm that this has been submitted and Hermes have till the 13th December. See you guys before or on the 14th ! thanks for all your help
  3. I have uploaded some screenshots with some of the details, i think it's all good i hope! I will be sending it off tomorrow (today) later in the afternoon thank you @BankFodder Screenshot Money Claim 1:2.pdf Screenshot 2:2.pdf
  4. sorry guys, i was away on holiday needed the break! But i am back and haven't got much longer for my claim to expire with Hermes. So as instructed here, i didn't have anymore communication with them 06/11/21 - sent letter of claims 08/11/21 - Hermes responded by telling me to go to Parcel2Go 08/11/21 - I responded back saying I enjoy full contractual rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. 10/11/21 - Hermes denying responsibility and insisting i go to Parcel2Go due to contractual agreement The expiration should end on the 20/11/21 if i am not mistaken? I am not sure whether non working days are included so might need your help here! I can confirm i registered with Money Claims but just wanted to confirm as i have seen two different money claims but i used this: Make a money claim online - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Make a claim against someone who owes you money or manage an existing claim: small claims court. That claim is pretty much complete, just on the timeline wasn't sure whether to add that i have sent off the letter, when they responded etc.. So i take it once the 14 days have expired i add that to the timeline too and then get this claim sent off! Just to confirm too, that the particulars of claim goes at the very first bit of the application where they ask a description of what happened? Thank you @BankFodder
  5. Hi @BankFodder Received a reply back still insisting that i go with Parcel2Go.. what do you advise i write back to this? thank you I have registered with Moneyclaim so i should send off the particulars claim? Response By E-mail (Arshad) (10/11/2021 02.17 PM) Good Afternoon Hakim, Regarding tracking numberxxxxxzzx Thank you for your response. I am sorry we are unable to assist you with a claim, this is due your contractual agreement being with Parcel2go. Kind Regards, Arshad Khan Customer Service Advisor
  6. Well they got back to me quickly.. but as expected they are telling me to go to Parcel2Go i have attached it as PDF So now i take it i respond as.. Dear Arshad Hermes are fully aware that their victims are entitled to sue them as beneficial third-party is under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. You have acknowledged my letters of claims and hermes have less than 14 days to respond. Kind regards Hakim Photo.pdf
  7. thanks bankFodder, i've been away for a few days but have sent the email off and will be posting the letter as first class recorded on Monday morning (printer not working!) I updated the letter of claims stating that i was refunded the delivery fee from Parcel2Go unilaterally and did not agree that this would be full and final which will be deducted from the County Court claim - hermes to be sued I have marked todays date and set a reminder on my phone. I take it 14 days from today will not include the weekends/working days? thank you
  8. Thank you for that. But from your experiences with hermes and parcel2go, I’m correct in saying that it is best to go and sue hermes? I will email back to parcel2go rejecting the money as it is not the full settlement and will send over the letter of claims to hermes. sorry I just don’t want to make a mistake that’s all
  9. So I forwarded parcel2go the email I got from hermes and expressed I am not happy they haven’t gotten back to me as it’s been a very long time. they have now just sent me emails saying they can’t locate parcel and a refund Of £8 is coming. Who do you suggest I send letter of claims to? I haven’t sent it off yet as I’d like an advice on who to first thank you! Photo.pdf Photo2.pdf
  10. @maim.ajm hows it going man, any update? good luck with it so far. Stay positive!!
  11. thanks for the swift reply! As for the PS5 - this is where i am a bit unsure what route to go down so would be great to get your thoughts.. As Hermes have said they have lost it (they confirmed this) shall i just go ahead and continue with saying that it is lost? I don't know the full conditions of the PS5 but i won't receive this until Sunday so i can fully inspect it. from what the person said, the box has been tampered with so either way this is no good. Either way if i were to sell it again in the future, i would have lost a lot of the value. thank you
  12. this is annoying, i replied back on my phone however it never sent through and just went onto check to see if i had a reply! i hope your issues outside the forum have improved/are improving @BankFodder i have now attached the documents in PDF instead. I can't remember the specific questions now but i would like to know: - what you think is best to sue first.. Hermes have told me they've lost it however, when i spoke with Parcel2Go they said i need to wait until their investigation is over in order to make my refund claim - it's been far too long now. I have chased them up but they keep saying i need to wait. Really frustrating to say the least. - Shall i just go ahead with the letters of claim to Hermes seeing as from what i have read on this forum, it's better going directly to hermes Update on PS5: My GF's cousin who wasn't that far away from the person i sold it to has collected the PS5 so i will be getting it back on sunday - this is still damaged nonetheless. Do you advise i go ahead with it being lost as Hermes have deemed so? i hope my attachments are better now @dx100uk thank you really want to go ahead and get my money back from hermes - still fuming with them!! thank you both Letter of claims draft PDF.pdf Particulars of Claim Draft (1).pdf
  13. The thing is it was hermes that lost it and not p2g but will give either a go based on advice from bankfodder
  14. Congratulations on finally winning this long case! im currently going through an issue with hermes losing my ps5 of which I used parcel2go. I think for other readers it’s probably best to go against hermes rather than parcel2go. I’m undecided as yet but this kind of shifted me to go against hermes, as they ultimately lost it. hermes have admitted it’s lost but parcel2go are taking a very long time to get back to me now
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