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  1. OK I get it,so this is like PPI scam I guess. Couriers are bound to reimburse for all damage/ loss and you don't really need to insure parcels separately.
  2. Thank you for your advice guys. I will have a read around and take appropriate action. Since all those booking were made through broker site parcel2go I am not sure who I should sue. Also is there a deadline? I lost most my parcels over a year ago. Cheers.
  3. Well, in fact I have lost more than half a dozen parcels with DPD over the last couple of years but I had only taken the basic insurance of £50 so they only offered that £50 max compensation for all of them even though the values of the items were much more than that. Are you saying I still have a case to sue DPD ? For example, I lost a parcel with DPD (booked via parcel2go) worth around £800 in early 2020 but I only had taken £25 insurance so they only reimbursed £25. The parcel in question above which was insured via Secursus was also insured with DPD for £50 which DPD refunded. I thought I won't get the full compensation If I had not taken the additional coverage offered by them upto the value of the item. Is this not the case ? Please note that DPD was used using the broker Parcel2go.
  4. Hello everyone, I regularly ship my eBay and other selling platforms items to EU customers, but parcel insurance has always been an issue due to heavy fees by couriers. I often use Parcel2go but the insurance provided by them is also too high. I came across this Secursus parcel insurance company last year and took their cover for all my expensive items. For example, their charge was around £10 for an item valued £1500 which was much less than with couriers directly. I did a bit of a research prior to start using them but could not find many bad reviews primarily because not many claims had been raised against them and also the company was newly established. Now here's my story. I insured a parcel worth £1500 with Secursus and shipped it to Italy via parcel2go using DPD. The parcel went missing during export, apparently happened in DPD export warehouse in the UK. I submitted all required evidence, but their response times have been extremely awful. I had to send them messages 3-4 time before getting a response back (I have sent a total of 32 messages to them so far). The claim was raised in December 2010 and they took 9 months to finally come back to me to say that my claim has been rejected purely because the Parcel was dropped off at a DPD authorised parcel shop instead of collection from home. Secursus says that their insurer is a company called 'MS Amlin' who apparently rejected their appeal as well stating the clause below : https://www.secursus.com/en-gb/prepare-your-package/ It states "our shipment must not be shipped from / to parcel shops (grocery store or supermarket) or to virtual addresses. It must either be picked up by the carrier or left in an official carrier shop. " However, this was never raised in the beginning when they asked me for evidence information. Also, I am pretty sure that this clause wasn't there last year, and I remember confirming parcel drop off with their chat support as well. However, I am unable to provide any proof of that conversation. I find it very fishy that they took 10 months to find a reason to reject my claim. Furthermore, DPD were not allowing customer drop off at their depots until recently due to the pandemic. I always have been dropping parcel off at DPD authorised parcel shops as this was well protected by insurance offered by parcel brokers and couriers directly. I would like expert advice from fellow members here on this please. I am happy to go to small courts as well as I think its worth the cost due to the high value of the insured item. Your input is much appreciated.
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