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  1. Hi Hammy1962, I don't think it is staying on as we checked to make sure a light wasn't on. Stupid question I know but are you saying that the light actually stays on and we would be able to see it? Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. We've had the RAC out to the car twice, again yesterday, and he's still saying that something is draining the battery but he can't figure out what it is. I spoke again to the dealer and he's saying "have it looked at by a garage and let us know" but my understanding now is that they should be looking at the car- thank you for that. Bankfodder- it was purchased on a finance agreement (not with the dealer). Thank you all, I will send the Right to Reject letter today.
  3. Hello, I would be grateful for any advice on this. We purchased a car for my son from City Cars Morden- we've had the 2014 Fiesta for just over two weeks and it has won't switch on if it's not driven for 1-2 days. We purchased a new battery, just in case, but that doesn't fix the issue. The RAC told us that something was draining the battery but they were unable to figure out what that is. We have 3 months warranty with the garage and I've spoken with them but they say that there were no problems with the car when it was with them (one month). They've told us to get the car checked by a garage to see what the problem is. We're close to just returning the car and using the money on another ar (£9k) but I wondered where we stood on this? Also, we will have to now pay to have this car checked by a garage with no guarantee that City Cars will actually repay us- should they be looking into this? Thank you.
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