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  1. Really? They obviously make it look alot more urgent... The Vodafone one was from an old sim I stopped using when I stopped working for them, and the RBS debt is a bog standard credit card. If I shouldn't be too worried at the mo, what should I look out for in the future which should make me start considering actions like DRO? Or is it a case of riding it out and getting rid of the noose that way? Cheers!
  2. Good to know they are wetcloths! I don't see any CCJs on my file. Is this what you mean by backdoor litigation, CCJ's that I am not aware of? But yes, they were taken out in Scotland and I am still living here. Okay, thanks. BK didn't seem worth it but the advisor at the citizens advice listed it as an option so I was seriously considering it. I will look into a DRO: I have no assets and my expendable income is actually less than £75 after my monthly wage. Would a DRO mean that the debt is effectively statute barred after 12 months? As for the rest of my debts: Original creditor: RBS Owned by: RBS Outstanding balance: £600 Defaulted date: Not defaulted Last payment date: December 2019 Original creditor: Paypal Owned by: Paypal Outstanding balance: £600 Defaulted date: Not defaulted Last payment date: August 2019 Original creditor: Vodafone Owned by: Vodafone Outstanding balance: £100 Defaulted date: Not defaulted Last payment date: October 2019 Also, according to my credit report 2020 was my last payment on the RBS Student Account (the bulk of my debt). Again, I appreciate all of your advice. I've just recently gained some financial stability and a knowledge of the value of money/things. Atleast they can't take away that.
  3. Thanks Andy. I see, it's definitely Westcot so looks like I was mistaken and the debt hasn't been sold. Does this mean that I should consider dealing with Westcot directly?
  4. Like alot of others I've never dealt with my debt properly, but I'm looking for a fresh start now. Here is some information on the defaulted debt: Original creditor: RBS Owened by: Westcot Outstanding balance: £2500 Defaulted date: September 2020 Last payment date: The student account was changed into a select account in 2018, but I may have stopped using it earlier. I'm about to send a DPA request for all the information they hold, should I ask for evidence that it is not statute barred? There is also £1000 worth of debt on my file that has not currently defaulted (half of that again with RBS). I have moved around alot in the past, so they may not have an up to date address. Ultimately I am thinking about filing for bankruptcy, but also considering a debt management plan. I'm aware i'm in damage limitation mode, but I'd be grateful for any advice that would take me down the best path long term. Bankruptcy seems like it would take away alot more rights and freedoms than money can buy...
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