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  1. Hi thays good to know! Do they just scare you with it to put the fear of god up you! I read online that some super markets do and your face if a suspect of interests alerts them! No I was very surprised I never heard from dwf! I waited in suspense for weeks! I wonder if it’s due to me paying for the goods - the manager said as I left “nothing to apologise for it’s all done you paid for the goods, that’s it - I just have to issue the ban and take photos on cctv camera”
  2. Last year I was banned from Sainsbury’s. I left the store with some unpaid goods! I paid for the rest but a few I didn’t see under my shopping bags and left the store and I was called back! I paid for the unpaid goods, the manager served a banned letter, photos captured with mask on and mask off…put the fear of god into me! I never received a letter from the debt recovery people which was a blessing as didn’t want that hanging over me! Anyway, since I haven’t returned the store out of fear they use some sort of facial recognition and I’ll get a tap on the shoulder and ask to leave!! has this happened to anyone? I don’t particularly want to shop in the store after the fiasco but they do have an Argos in there which is handy sometimes! What’s the crack with Sainsbury’s have Fr? I’ve heard some posts say they do and some say they don’t? Im not worried being recognised by just a guard as I hardly shopped there and it’s so busy But if they use Facail recognition in store and across other stores then I won’t step foot in there? Thanks
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