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  1. Thank you. I have checked other cases in the forum, will write a letter answer and lets see. Will update once I have something new.
  2. Oh yes, most definitely not using the card! I am just very worried about any court letters!
  3. Yes, it is the standard letter yes. I am noticing from the forum that most people using Freedom are receiving straight court letters few months after the offence. Now my husband received a letter on the next day. When he was asked to show the freedom pass he didnt know what is this as he was really not aware what is this, he knew it is just free oyster. So he finally showed it and lied to the inspector that he found it on the road and used it to save money. Is it possible that the inspector consider this as normal " not paid ticket" case and not a Freedom abuse case? And what if he just write: I plead guilty and I am deeply sorry for using oyster card that doesnt belong to me. It was really stupid action and I apologise. I will never do it again. I didnt realise the seriousness of this crime till now. Written this way he doesnt say he lied and he is not showing that this is Freedom pass. But he plead guilty and he knows he is wrong. Is it possible that they believe he found it and not check any more details?!?!?? It is my mom card, she doesnt know anything about it and she will honestly kill me if she undestand what we did.
  4. This is the letter we received. So the card is from new year. He maybe used it 15 time jan and feb, then completely not end of feb and full march and half april as we were abroad. Then half april, may, june, july maybe 3-4 times a week once a day from st. john wood station. He got caught on Tothenham. So do you say he need to explain that he lied about finding the card and explain that this is his mother in law card and he took it this day as he was out of pocket???? I am very worried that if he explain they may investigate further and catch him using it for long. On the other hand if he apologise for using the "found card" they may catch him lying if they check the freedom address.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here and it seems that I have a big problem and I need your help! Yesterday my husband was caught by inspector touching out my mom Freedom pass. My husband lied and said he just found it yestersay and decided to use it to save some money on travel bcoz he is not working regularly due to the pandemic. The inspector confiscated ny mom freedom pass and took my husband details. Today we received the standard letter to fill up the form on the back and to explain guilty/not guilty. Now I am confused what to do. There is few details in the story. 1- my mom is from Eastern Europe and have surname completely different from my husband he is with Asian origin. The picture of the pass as well dont make any connection btw them both. BUT my mom card is registered on the same address?!?! And I already reported it lost yesterday and received an email that new card is on the way in 5-7days. 2- my husband was using this card for about a year, but it was really irregular as he is on furlough and really not working that much, also touching his own card on mornings bcoz the freedom is not working in peek times. 3- my husband was caught on different station and not on the one that he usually uses the card to go to work. 4- my husband was caught about a year ago (or a bit more) "jumping" out. Then he said he is guilty and sorry and we paid the fine. Then he throw his oyster and bought a new one but his details are still within the record i think. Now what we are worried is the court! We are in process of buying a property and my husband also need a clear criminal record for his 2nd job so we need to avoid the court. What should I do? Should I find a lawyer? How this can affect job and house-buying? What is best to write in the letter- continue with the lie that he found the card and hope they will not check the freedom details OR say what really was and wait for the punish? am really very scared and worried and all. I have seen the remorse letters and I will make a good one but which story to write? I am scared that if I lie that he found it and then they find out that the address is the same and he is lying it can get worse. Please any information and advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
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