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  1. Hi, Here's the story, bit of a tricky one. I purchased a 17 plate Ford Fiesta from Car Supermarket in Sept 2019 on a HP agreement with Startline. 2 days after the car was delivered, the engine management light came on. I called the dealer who advised me that the car still has manufacturers warranty. As my closest ford centre was over an hour away, the only time I could get there was in March 2020. They advised me that I needed a new catalytic converter but it had to be ordered. I drove my car home and was waiting for a call from them to get booked in after the part arrived. Well a week or so after my original appointment, we went into a COVID-19 lockdown. I did not actually hear from the garage again. Sept 2020 comes around and now my car is out of warranty but my engine management light is still on. A recent diagnosis that ford asked me to do quoted the work at around £1k! I am now trying to put a claim through Ford Goodwill as they looked at the car while it was still in warranty and it did not get repaired through no fault of my own. However, the ford centre I took it to has now closed and they can't find the record of my visit. So this is looking very unlikely to be successful. I contacted the garage I purchased the car from and they are saying that it has been too long to do anything about it. But the fact that the light came on 2 days after I got the car tells me it was turned off before hand and the pre delivery inspection was not thorough. I have also contacted Startline who have told me they can't help me. Furthermore, a car should not even need a new catalytic converter at 4 years old, let alone 2 years! What do you guys suggest that I do?
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