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  1. Cheers DX, just find it odd they don't mention anything at all. Going to take your advice on the address in the other thread!
  2. Feel free to merge with my other Capquest thread but felt this was it's own subject. I've just received the below email from Capquest and wondering if this was usual procedure for them? I don't plan on entering any details but do they do this in order to 'trick' people to supply more data than they have? Or is this actually access to a portal with debts you supposedly owe? Thank you Dear Mr XYZ. You have a new document available on your Capquest account 111. Please click the below link to login to view your document Click here If you have any questions, please contact us on 111 quoting 111. We may have already been in touch with you by phone or letter, if you are not happy being contacted through email in the future or if you are not the person quoted in this email, please let us know. Yours sincerely The Capquest Team Edit, they did use my correct surname so it wasn't just a random email and they have been SMS me with a ref number.
  3. After reading about all the 'backdoor CCJs' that people had absolutely no idea of, I'd rather keep these guys where I can see them, if it wasn't for that, of course I wouldn't want them knowing anything about me.
  4. Thank you, fingers cross they'll send something a bit more in-depth in the post!
  5. Thank you, anything specific I should say? Or part of a template I can use as I understand wording can sometimes work against you!
  6. Hi guys, I recently posted about sending a SB letter to Capquest, they sent a text and all it contained was my first name, a phone number and ref number. No mention of debts/companies. My post asked for advice on sending an SB letter but after thinking about it and not knowing how these guys work, is it safe to 'assume' this is for an old debt i.e me sending the SB letter will mention debts whereas Capquest made no mention of this in their text. For all I know, they could want to award me a certificate.. What I'm getting at is I don't want to jump the gun, obviously it's for an old debt but they made no mention of this. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the help. Will it automatically update as my new address or will I need to specifically write it? And lastly, as I've just received a single text in however many years, should I wait until a letter comes through or anything with a bit more information? Before assuming they're chasing a specific debt? I'm reading they sometimes do this to get you to contact them.
  8. Yup, now is my chance at least to do this. I assume sending a SB letter will also update my address or will I need to specifically tell them that this is my new address? Last part makes sense. Thank you.
  9. Best support forum I've read! Straight to the point, almost too straight! But it's great advice. Long time reader. Have a great day.
  10. Hi guys, Long time viewer here. I had a number of debts over 7 years back which I cleared most of, the only one I didn't clear was one with a mounting interest which got ridiculous. The only thing I can think of is one of those credit catalogues. I was young, stupid and luckily managed to get a credit plan with my other debts. I've not heard anything from an agency for quite some time until today. Capquest messaged me asking to call them (I won't) and gave me a ref number. I have no paperwork & they've sent through no letters. I don't want to get blindsided by a cheeky CCJ which I hear they do by 'backdoor' so is it worth sending a 'statute barred' letter referencing the ref number in the text or will this open a can of worms? Lastly, I have equifax/Credit Karma. If they were to try a backdoor CCJ, would I be able to see it updated on my reports in good time? Thanks guys,
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