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  1. sorry i panicked because they called me today and their threats seem to be getting more serious .il just keep ignoring them
  2. sorry im crap with computers did try to up load in one .post 2 ? They also got hold of my number i hung up
  3. The cameras are high up the wall quite discrete took me a while to see them when i went back should i worry ?
  4. Hi not sure where the drive is ? .I dont even know the road name i always thought it was just a junction off gatwick rd the road leads to euro car parts and eezehaul site ,Road does not go anywhere . I googled. pcn at euro car parts crawley it came up on money saving expert site
  5. Hi . only after waiting and when the letters arrived i googled the road and found reference to it being a Class Q road non maintained (new estates -private lanes)
  6. The signs on the post on the way out . Where the cameras cover i managed to get pictures of EEZEHAUL drivers stopping on the lines to load unload deliveries and contacted them . I spoke to managing director a pleasant women whom I've recorded saying they get permission form the landlord to do so Cameras say no exceptions . Cameras are fixed to their building would not give landlord details to me
  7. HI , Is operator picture same as ANPR as they only have them on the wall in this car park by dyl not on entry to or exit points . plus NTK thats just my name on pcn a wk after incident? letter does not have to say NTK as they got my details quick off dvla ? . The way im reading this do nothing as £60 original fine ignored went up to £100 after 14days as now debt recovery plus now involved its now £170 with their bit added (snakes ) wait for a letter of claim b4 i do anything ?
  8. 1 Date of infringement 10 /4/2021 2 Date on the NTK 15/4/2021 3 Date received 16/4/2021 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms Act2012 yes 5 Is there photographic evidence of the event yes (pic of my car ) on the dyl 6 Have you appealed No 7 Who is parking company Premier Park 8 where exactly (car park name and town) Gatwick 80 Crawley, West Sussex Rh10 9pl For appeals online appeals.premierpark.co.uk or write to Appeals Department, premier park Limited PO BOX 624 Exeter EX1 9JG Operating in accordance of British Parking Association Code of Practice . This is what i received do you need any more information ?
  9. Hi i waited on double yellow lines at Euro car parts crawley RH109pl for a space to become available i was no more then 10 mins before parking and never left the car i saw no signs till after i parked ln a space, a few days later i received a fine from Premier park ltd . Ive since spoken to police to see if ive broken the law as road is not a public road . i now have a debt recovery letter from debt recovery plus . original letter does not state time i entered and exited the road or how long i was parked there . ive been back a few times to check out signage and taken pictures . Should i challenge this if it goes to court ? . Thanks in advance .
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