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  1. That's what I have read from other posts but my reason isn't really valid as it doesn't meet any of their termination requirements such as relocating, been made redundant, or being too ill to use the gym. I'm hoping it applies to me as well.
  2. Hi guys, Hope you're all doing well. So I started a 12 month contract with Anytime Fitness last November, and because I am self-employed money got pretty tight over the next few months. Fast forward to last month, my budget was a lot tighter than I expected and I emailed the manager at Anytime Fitness and asked if I can cancel out of my contract because of my situation and they basically said they can't do anything. In my email I did state that I am happy to give them 30 days notice but I would need to cancel after. I decided to cancel my direct debit after the next payment was taken and recently started to get emails and texts saying I need to pay my next payment of £36.50 and if I don't in the next 4 days I will have to pay a late fee of £12. I know I am technically tied to a contract, but I'm not sure what to do right now.
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