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  1. I have filled in some of the form on mcol website like addresses etc im on to the particulars of the claim now. Should I send the SAR off?
  2. Went on to the County Court money claim page it told me to go on to Mcol website to make the claim and I will get that sent off
  3. What shall I do now? this is really stressing me out. They won't accept it and its still stuck on the garage court
  4. No wasn't sure how now ive read it I've downloaded the app and going to start using it if they call it again. I do have call logs of times and dated they called
  5. No as im not sure how to and I clicked on the link but nothing comes up
  6. No yes it was the person who was dealing with my complaint and they are offering the drivers assistance scheme to me which they loan me 75% off the repairs and I have to come up with the other 25% they won't accept that they are the owners of the vehicle until final payment is made they was saying because im on the logbook as the registered keeper. They spoke to the garage and they told them it's a common fault and it could of happened at any point . They are sending it me in writing and told them time is ticking and they just said okay if you want to go that way
  7. They phoned me and told me apparently because I've done 6000 miles on its not a breach of my consumers rights and they won't let me out my finance
  8. I told them I need them to hurry and look at it as its sat at the garage still and I want to know the steps they are going to take to come and get it
  9. Spoke to first response they haven't looked at the report from the garage earliest they are planning on looking at it is tomorrow
  10. On the letter shall I put the amount I worked out with road tax and insurance etc or shall I just put what I've spent on finance
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