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  1. Good morning all. I have received a letter from ParkingEye this morning threatening to take 'further action' if i don't pay (attached). Is this the letter before action that i should be responding to? P.S. Lidl have refused to help me. Thank you. parkingeye.pdf
  2. Appreciate it guys, thank you for taking a look. I will send an email to Lidl as advised.
  3. Sorry it took so long. I've attached the 2nd letter. letter.pdf
  4. Of course! Thank you for taking a look. I'll post it on Saturday as i am currently out of town.
  5. I posted something on twitter, but Lidl ignored it.... As for Trustpilot, it seems that Lidl has never claimed the UK page and don't respond to the overwhelming poor reviews left there. I have received a second parking charge notice (same as the first). I will keep you updated. Thank you all...
  6. I appreciate your time and support. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks again!
  7. Understood, thanks again.. lookinforinfo suggested that the case would be trivial to the legal system. Does that mean that by ignoring this "parking charge", ParkingEye would not chase this up? So, my next move is to do nothing and wait for them to go away?
  8. Given that Lidl are refusing to help me, should i appeal to ParkingEye without naming the driver?
  9. Thank you for your responses. This is the email i initially sent to the CEO. Dear Christian, I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you to express my shock and dismay at the absolutely poor customer service I am receiving from your team. I wrote to formally complain about the a ‘Parking charge notice’ and the use of threatening letters issued by the company (ParkingEye Ltd) that you use to manage your car park at your Ashford Branch. On Thursday the 17th of June 2021 my vehicle was parked outside your store for 1 hour & 43 minutes, according to the letter that I received from them on the 25th of June, the stay exceeded the maximum time allowed by 13 minutes! The letter I received from them is in the form of an extortionate demand to pay them £90.00. I have attached card transaction records to prove that my mother (Blue badge holders get 3 hours parking) and I shopped with you on that day. I must inform you that in the event I am sued by ParkingEye, I will be adding Lidl as a third party to the claim. As for further legal action, a search on the Ashford Borough council shows that no planning permission was ever sought or approved for regarding the ANPR cameras or the parking signs displayed at your site and that is illegal, making Lidl liable for a breach under the UK GDPR. It is also important to note that the parking verification terminals in store on that day were turned off and your staff told me that I do not need to authorise my parking. I am a regular customer, and so are my family and friends and they all follow you on social media. I do not want to have to highlight the appalling way you are treating elderly & vulnerable customers through your association with Parking Eye. I am not asking you to represent me at an appeal but asking you to tell your contractors to do what they are supposed to do as it is Lidl who have set the terms for their presence and can overrule a computer controlled camera. All this can be avoided if you simply call off ParkingEye and treat your vulnerable customers with care and respect. This situation has caused unnecessary stress and grievance for me and my family. My family and I would like to remain as your customers and not be driven away. As valued & loyal customers this is unfair and we kindly ask that you tell ParkingEye to cancel this charge. I am disgusted Lidl feels it is appropriate to employ a parking management company that sends out this type of letter, not to mention that the company is operating without the required legal permissions in place. I have attached the letter from ParkingEye, my mother’s Blue badge and record of the card transaction showing my purchase with you on that day. We trust that this will be addressed, so that your vulnerable customers can park without worry, at least, knowing Lidl will take care of them. Thank you for your time in addressing this matter.
  10. Please find attached. Thank you for your help... ticket.pdf
  11. So, the email I sent to the CEO was redirected to customer services who have regurgitated the same generic response ignoring everything i have said. Please advise.
  12. Thank you HB and FTMDave, I initially emailed customer service since that is the address that Lidl gace me on twitter to formally complain. I now emailed the CEO as per your suggestion. I'll keep you updated...
  13. I emailed Lidl customer service to complain but they ignored everything i said and told me to appeal the ParkingEye. I wrote a strongly worded email, threatening to add them as a third party if i am sued, about how they are liable for GDPR because of no planning permissions for the ANPR and how poor they are treating vulnerable customers. I am lost here. I don't know what to do next... Please advise.
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