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  1. Hey, sorry I must have incorrectly worded that. I was with GiffGaff for 6 years, and only recently changed to ASDA last year as they where using the EE network and that had the best coverage here. Never had an issue until now. Sadly o2 got progressively worse, not sure if they are any better now but I doubt it. Just got off the phone to Asda again (or Vodafone as they keep pointing out) and I'm even more frustrated then before. I'm trying to make it clear to them that as a layman customer I see an Asda offer for "£30/unlimited data" and proceed to purchase said bundle for my Asda mobile to be then told "haha tough luck should have read the small print in the link on the third page on our website.... Now pay us another £30 to actually get what you paid for." Is this not blatant false advertising? Essentially they are trying to blame me for being caught in the cross hairs of their own internal problems.
  2. Yes sadly it is a small amount, and I know I should let it go but the headache they gave me plus my loss of earnings yesterday stings. I went home early thinking I burned through my data and could no longer work. Not only that. EE offers directly 100GB of data for £30. So its not like their matching a deal or anything. Even if you go onto the ASDA website, it is so vauge you will have no idea anything you purchase will not work on any current ASDA simcard: Screenshot-2021-6-7-Asda-mobile-SIM-only-deals-bundles-unlimited-data-SIMs-PAYG-jpg IBB.CO Image Screenshot-2021-6-7-Asda-mobile-SIM-only-deals-bundles-unlimited-data-SIMs-PAYG-jpg hosted in ImgBB
  3. Just got a call back from the new operator who manages ASDA (vodaphone) they said they best they can do is offer a switch over right now to the new simcard and provide me with 30GB of data. So 30GB for £30. I'm not satisfied even the least but what other option do I have? Their website still shows the £30 bundle offer, with no clear indication of a change. Their wording still points to EE and not Vodaphone on their own website. The staff member inside the store notifying me only after purchasing a non refundable voucher that a new simcard is needed. How is any of this in anyway the fault of a regular layman customer? Should I still fight this? I simply wanted unlimited data, like I've always used, which is what I paid for really. I still feel cheated.
  4. Hey, thanks for the reply. Sorry, I paid cash at the time. I never thought anything of it, its something I always have done. Regarding GiffGaff, I was with them for 6 years however the service in my area deteriorated badly and half the time my satnav kept "seeking a connection" so it was no longer convenient to stay with them, otherwise I would have never left.
  5. As trivial as this sounds, please here me out. (I was limited on funds yesterday, I was down to my last £50 until payday so I was counting pennies at this point) I work for Deliveroo and UberEats as my main income. have been a ASDA Mobile pay-as-you-go customer for almost a year with no problems. Just buy a voucher for a bundle and send a text message to top up. Easy. I went in-store yesterday around 4pm and purchased the £30 bundle / voucher. Right after I purchased it I was told by staff I also need to buy a new simcard for it to work. Understandably I was quite annoyed... Why would I want to change my bloody number?? They said that they have switched operators and that in order for me to get the regular £30 bundle I would need to buy a new simcard, as my current ASDAMobile simcard is running on EE and they stopped offering this bundle. As annoyed as anyone would be I asked to be refunded for the voucher. I was essentially told to sod off. They don't refund vouchers. So I was forced to now buy a new simcard! OK, so thats that out of the way, well GUESS WHAT? in order to actually top up the voucher you must (and get this) CALL and SPEAK to somebody. You can not just text it to activate, nor can you log in online to add it to your account. You must SPEAK to someone. Not so much of a problem you might think? Well, not when you call and they are CLOSED! "please call back within opening hours." So there I am sitting with a simcard I can't use, and no phone that works. Bare in mind that I NEED TO GET TO WORK and need my phone for work! So I put back in my old simcard and call Asda. They said I can use that voucher on my current sim but can only offer limited data packages. 15GB for £25. What a joke. I went with the lesser 7GB for £10 as I was left with no other choice seen as I was already now an hour late for work. This is where it gets even WORSE! A few hours go by and I get a random text message from ASDAMobile telling me that I've used up all my DATA and in order to buy more I need to end my current package and buy another!!!! WTF!!!! I'm now stuck on the side of the road in complete panic, forced to end my current package and buy the £15 package instead. So I've now gone through £25 of credit in a matter of hours. I phoned them this morning to find out what the hell is going on. They told me right after I purchased my £10 bundle, I apparently also purchased a data bundle for £5 (which I don't remember doing) And the message I received was telling me that I have used up that allowance. And there is NOTHING they can do. They are essentially telling me it was my fault. Long story short, I burnt through £30 of top up in a matter of hours, and currently only have a few GB's of data remaining until I would need to buy another £30 voucher to make use of the new simcard. That's £60 in a week! I'm sorry for the long post guys, but when you are as broke as I am, these little things have a massive impact on me. Is there anything I can do regarding this? I feel cheated!
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