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  1. I thought its suspisious , got that email at nearly midnight . Thank you Bankfodder
  2. Dear Ms Misias, We are a trade association of which German Car Shop are a member. They have passed us this case to deal with. I appreciate that you have requested a response by 25 June but your correspondence raises a number of points which we are investigating. However, we recognise the importance of this matter to you so will endeavour to provide a substantive response as soon as reasonably possible. Please take no action without reverting to us first. Kind regards Darren Fletcher Legal Advisor 01480 455500 [email protected]
  3. I m not good to comunicate in legal language . Actually I dont believe him , probably somebody will be pretenting to being a solicitor
  4. I have now passed this case on to my solicitors. They will be in contact with you from now on and you can deal with them. Best wishes and kind regards. He is getting clever now
  5. Thank you for reply. I want get rid of the car but He is probably laying , he will take car for so called inspection and leave me without car and come back and decided he is not taking it . He offered me on sunday 5000 pounds for me taking car in such bad brakes to him obviously without me having MOT. MOT failure no car accepted. He is absolute layer. I could only maybe accept 500 ppunds compensation to end the matter but not 300. I wish he pay me 300 f so called goodwill gesture and I could still carry on sue him for rest repairs but thats not possible ? I want him to fall in his own hole . Can I report him to Autotrader ?
  6. I m so angry , why he still claim I know technican on personal level ? Why he keeps lying ? He cant get away of accusing me of this ! I dont know any technican on personal level . But he probably knoes that dogdy non exisisting garage he wanted me to go .
  7. Good afternoon. at 18.06 on Sunday we spoke over the telephone and you assured me you would not be taking your vehicle to merc tech. You stated on the telephone conversation that you would be taking the vehicle to another mot garage for an independent mot and inspection. merc techs report can not be considered independent because you know the technician on a personal level and he has already confirmed this to us over the phone. I stated I would be taking the car to an independent mot garage and i booked an appointment for this, (stated in my previous e-mail). you missed the booking and you took it to merc tech besides advising you would not. your claim that you will only allow the car to be inspected by someone with acceptable credentials is strange. you know nothing about the garage or the mechanic, neither have you ever met them. we have the right to inspect and if we choose a particular garage to inspect the vehicle, why should you have a problem with that if you have nothing to hide? Your mot/inspection of the vehicle was not done independently as you stated it would, therefore we will be inspecting the vehicle ourselves at a registered independent mot testing station. (you will receive a full report on this) We will collect the vehicle ourselves and have it checked. if the vehicle has failed on its brakes as you stated. Then we will replace the brakes. brake pads and discs are £158.60 labour £60, a total of £218.60. The tyres will not be replaced as they are currently road legal. To sum up our stance, we will repair any mot FAILURES and ensure the car is road legal. we will not be paying £55 an hour for your garage to investigate a vibration, we can look into this ourselves if a fault exists. We will not be paying you £698 to repair the vehicle as this cost is massively exaggerated and it would be cheaper to repair it ourselves. we have the right to repair it ourselves, and we will if it is a repair that you want. We have already offered a take back. and if you want to go down that route, we will be happy to accomodate subject of us inspecting and confirming the faults ourselves. Any work carried out on the vehicle will void any claims made. We do not allow other garages to carry out repairs unless we have authorised it first. to sum up our stance. Here are your options. free repair of any MOT FAILURES subject to inspection by ourselves. Take back of the car (subject to inspection by an appointed independent mot garage AND ourselves) £300 as a good will gesture to end the matter. I look forward to your reply. Kind Regards. german car shop.
  8. Bankfodder , can you add in letter that if dealer prepares to pay costs for the estimate repairs I may consider to end the matter with him and not taking further despite his behaviour. As like some dealers do when faults appear just after purchase within 30 days
  9. Yes , will get touch with garage after work Bank Fodder , Honeybee thank you. Can you also put in letter about that strange MOT garage the Dealer sent last night Hopefully Dealer will come with some normal proposal which I doubt.
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