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  1. Yes the issue has been resolved. They had the wrong meter reading. EON has confirmed balance is 0 now.
  2. This was the error on EON side and it has been cleared. Thank you
  3. Hi I received a bill stating that I was in credit by £2000 in December 2020. I called eon to confirm if I this is actual credit or some fraud. EON customer assistant wasn’t able to confirm and ask to call back, after two days I got call back with apology that there was mistake on EON side and the account is settled with 0 balance and they have update the meter reading. I have changed supplier 1st April 2021 and EON contacted me asking for final bill £800. How can i owe them £800 within 4 month and topping up each month £50 to £70 I thought that the whole point of a pre payment meter was that you pay for the electricity you have used???? Getting in through to EON is a nightmare! I am worried that How do I owe EON money and it will effect my credit score.
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