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  1. Ok. Would I be looking at claiming the increase in electric costs from bulb or from SSE separately to the goodwill gesture? Bulb also seem to have charged me for gas over the period. I emailed but they've gone back to the usual response of ignoring me. They are the worst energy company I've ever dealt with.
  2. Yes I am registered on their priority reg. SSE have comeback to me after I turned down the 750 and offered 2000? Should I take the money from SSE and look at holding Bulb to account for their part in what happened? Thanks very much, you've been very helpful
  3. No, absolutely not, she was my soulmate and my child and I would be insulting her memory to be replacing her less than a month after her death. Maybe years in the future but not for a long time. Thank you I will try to look at emails over the weekend but quite frankly its hard enough getting out of bed at all right now.
  4. Ok Thank you, my keyboard is rubbish and its hard to type at all so I mainly just check for missing letters. I will think everything over, and have a look at my emails. Wood green are an animal shelter, I have many emails from them before I agreed to give up my dog, the contact and a witness to my handing her over when I made them promise again. But Wood green is a separate thing, I really can't even think about Chloe right now as it's too upsetting.
  5. I made her over to wood green with the condition I was told before should they put her to sleep, would have the option to take her back and it would be the last resort. She went in with a full bill of clean health from 3 months prior. They emailed me and told me they put her to sleep after they did it so I wasn't even able to be there. I am trying to get he medical records as they have been very vague and I have become suspicious some sort of accident occurred.
  6. Thank you, bulb have said they won't budge and its my fault for not ringing them, even though they've been informed literally tens of times I cannot use a phone. They've said 30 or nothing and I'll have to contact ombudsman. The problem with the emails is hotmail seems to have jammed them into one gigantic email, filled with their disclaimers etc, and it's a complete mess at this point. I tried to open new threads but they just add it back to the old one. I did tell them they have caused me serious mental and physical distress and I lost my dog due to their mistake.
  7. My home is a one bed flat. I'd had the dog for 14 years and she was put to sleep behind my back by the people I trusted to care for her, this has put me on the verge of suicide. I can't count the times I contacted them, the emails are all jumbled and I cannot go through it all. I emailed them at least ten times. Bulb reconnected me. I can't use the phone so it was email only. I do not have any photo ID as I can't drive and never go anywhere I'm not sure what SARS is, it appears to cost money and I don't have any. Do you have any idea of a ballpark figure I should ask for? If they agree I may be able to avoid going to court as that would be very difficult for me. Thank you They've devastated me quite frankly.
  8. It was switched off on 18/03/21, to 5/5/21 so actually longer. I only communicate via email due to disabilities. I had to use the oven to heat my room I imagine my electric ha gone up alot but not sure of the exact amount, I emailed bulb many times, they told me to get out a boiler person who said it wasn't the boiler and the gas was cut off, I told them this and they didn't respond for a while. I fell into severe depression due to not being able to lean myself properly and being cold, I not able to look after myself and ended up rehoming my dog as I felt she was better off with someone who wasn't depression in a freezing house. I can not get her back now so I have lost my best friend. I continued to persevere with bulb until they finally agreed to send a female engineer out, I am a sexual assault survivor and can not have a man in my home. She finally came out on the 5th and changed the meter back. What exactly am I to send on to SAR and SSE? Thanks
  9. I'm not sure what more you need to know, it was just over a month, I was left without gas. Bulb were informed the day my gas stopped and did nothing, it took over a month to get them to send someone out to look. Throughout that month I suffered badly. Once the fault was found and changed bulb told me SSE were the ones who had changed it and they had changed the wrong meter. I then contacted them, explained what their actions had done, they investigated, have taken full responsibility and am now discussing a settlement with them.
  10. I contacted my supplier many times, they have apologised for not sending anyone out to check and offered me 30 pounds, which I am debating with them. My issue is SSE, who are at fault for the error and admit full liability. I am looking for similar court cases and what the settlement was. Thanks
  11. Yes, I only communicate by email, they have admitted full liability in writing. My supplier is bulb, SSE are the ones at fault for the mix up.
  12. A different company from mine came out to switch a neighbours meter to a prepaid and changed mine. I was left without gas for over a month, my company wouldn't come out and find out why my gas was gone, it took a long time to be discovered. I am a disabled woman, I recently lost my father and I also have Ocd, this lack of heating and hot water caused me serious mental distress and physical harm. The energy company that caused me this misery have offered me £750 pounds and admit full liability, I think that's pathetic after what they put me through and am looking at suing them. I can't find any similar cases online and wondered if anyone here know of any, or what sum they were settled for? Thank you
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