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  1. upon receiving the above letter I checked the booking confirmation I had for the parking and it had reverted to an old car reg stored in the app. That reg is different to that which is quoted in the letter from Napier.
  2. I have had no previous correspondence regarding any issues this is the first I am hearing of it.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, now redacted crudely on my phone. docs1.pdf
  4. Hi there, I have today received the attached letter from Napier parking. I park regularly at this car park while playing 5 a side. on this occasion a friend of mine paid for parking via JustPark, however the app defaulted and added the incorrect vehicle reg number. so essentially we paid but not for that car. to be honest I thing given the chance i would have paid the 30-40 quid they would have wanted originally however we are now over a month since the ticket was issued (via ANPR not physically on windscreen) and i am only now just receiving correspondence after their period to appeal or pay the reduced fee. Any advice please? will attach anything i have below Parking Details Willen.docx
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