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  1. il try keep this brief. I have various creditors, All but one has been fine. I have a disguised mental health condition that effects my capacity to manage money, I can be impulsive and spend money when I shouldn't I have no ability to stop myself doing it. I have several conditions all of which I have proof of but they don't request to see it even when offered. I'm on medication for it. Iv asked another creditor to write off the Balance because of it but they have refused sending me generic letters saying that they have looked at the information provided considered all evidence of which was my letter from my doctor outlining my conditions. I feel that they haven't even looked at it but that's another matter. But they have stopped the interest. Santander , I have a credit card with them and all has been fine up until now, (i.e- always paid well above minimum) but then i ran into difficulties as i had just spent way to much, I'm currently in plan with them and they agreed to stop the interest for 3 months however every month im having to call them as they keep applying interest and I'm having to call up everytime to get it rectified. Which im fed up of doing and is causing me more anxiety and stress. Can you please advise me on if I have grounds to complain. As I feel in the grand scheme of things all they have looked at is affordability and not capacity. Please don't judge me. My mental health condition is complex.
  2. The amount was small £70. I had this happen several times a bout a year ago. I had maybe 2 payments that went in without checks, then every payment after this has had the " we need to check it " rubbish applied, told me its random and doesn't always happen, they couldn't answer me when i said it was happening for every payment. I did switch to PayPal briefly but they charge me and i now have the infamous " weve limited your account for no reason crap"
  3. Hello and thank you for your reply. Yes these are payments from USA. ( twitch interactive. A fairly well known place. ) What is the KYO what would I say to them? The trouble is, some of these payments never get withheld but its been happening alot now, this would be the 6th one in a row to be held at seemingly random. It's incredibly frustrating, the woman on the phone said but u have £xyz in your account which I felt to be personal, I informed her that that money was due to come out for a food delivery on Monday.
  4. Hi new here. Appoligies in advance if this is the wrong place. So I have an issue with my bank. I recieved a faster payment from a source that iv recieved payments from before Many times before without issue. Theve suddenly started withholding my funds with the excuse of its being withheld for extra security checks, its randomly done occasionally and by law we must do so. By law, ok, fair enough but this is now a trend, everytime I'm receiving money from The same source , unchanged always the same, they keep withholding the funds every time. Yet this is supose to be random. From previous, payments always credits after 24 hours, my gripe is that why are they constantly "extra checking" these payments when theve always been going in no issue or fine after there checks. Is there not a way they can mark future payments as fine to avoid all this nonsense. I hope iv explained this OK. Just very frustrated as I'd planned to take my autistic child out today now I can't, explaining this to him won't go down well.
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