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  1. I know I shouldn’t panic but it’s hard not to when they threaten to come to my home again if I don’t pay, I have a daughter and my wife is really frail so I don’t want to worry them. They have just been calling me at all times of the day and mostly quite early in the morning around 7/8am. I’m receiving a lot of letters with pretty threatening language and the last time they visited us they were hammering the door very loudly and shouting for a long time (I pretended I wasn’t in as my wife wasn’t doing well at all that day!). I’m worried if they come again it will be even worse, are they allowed to do this?? Thanks Nobby - how do I offer them a token payment? Are they likely to accept this?
  2. Hi, has anyone had to deal with Moorcroft debt collections before? I don’t really know what debt collectors are and aren’t allowed to do but they seem over aggressive? I found a guide that tells me that I should pay what I can afford of the debt, but I’m worried they will try to force me to pay more than that. What shall I do?
  3. Hi all, From reading this forum and from just general knowledge, I know short term borrowing and taking out payday loans is so costly and just a really slippery slope down to even deeper debts/problems in the future. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the alternatives of payday loans when you have no cash and have upcoming payments (like rent)? I'm sure there have to be some options out there for me as I don't want to keep falling into further debt. Thanks.
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