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  1. Appreciate your quick review and feedback, Yes the entrance sign is the last one in the file. it does indeed appear that there is a disparity with the pay point signs and others. Totally agree that the suggestion that users should consult the internet before complying is an unreasonable expectation. Do these facts as well as the font size all go towards building sufficient defence and therefore rejection of the claimed charge? Thanks in advance
  2. Please see requested photos of car park signage attached Vantage point photos.pdf
  3. OK, I'll get some photos and upload them I've had a look at the council planning application website and cannot find any application's either current or historic for signs using the name or postcode of the car park- I take it that's a good thing
  4. Hello All, Thanks for your input so far Having followed your collective advice to do nothing, Today I received a final demand in the post for £100 from OPS. I imagine you have seen these letters before which essentially says it needs to be paid within 14 days or they may pass the debt to a solicitor for legal action and possible additional costs What's your advice as to my next move ? Thanks in advance
  5. appeals don't work, I guessed as much as you are really only asking for lenience or some compassion to the specific circumstance and I assume their stock answer is to hide be their rules stated on the notices in the car park. They indicate in the event of non payment it 'may' result in enforcement action which many include debt recovery or court proceedings. I don't fancy the idea of debt collectors at the door or court proceedings damaging my credit scores etc. When you say wait and see, what are the likely or typical outcomes in these cases, I assume the charge will r
  6. dx100uk, Thanks for your feedback, Didn't notice the reference numbers in multiple places, Hopefully I have redacted all of them in the attached version? understand that your advice is not to appeal, Look forward to your ideas to resolve Thanks again 202104261359.pdf
  7. Hello, I was suitably disgruntled when I received the attached NTK from the notorious OPS who I see have been taking people for disproportionate sums of money for several years especially in and around the Brighton area. On this occasion I used their facility to safely unload and load a bike to the nearby cycle store which took longer than it need to due to COVID distancing measures meaning I needed to queue and adhere to one customer in the shop rules in order to complete the handover, What should have taken 5 mins turned into 17 mins. I can understand that they are do
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