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  1. Sorry. I am not sure what the price difference is because the one that i have been given which is the 1 door unit is not online but the 2 door one was around £400. That we had been charged for.
  2. I would rather have the 2 draw unit due to lack of storage space in the bathroom. But there is ways around it. Unsure what the price difference is as when i have looked at the suppliers website (my life bathrooms) they dont even sell a 1 door unit. Thanks.
  3. No problem To be honest i have now got everything apart from the vanity unit i ordered as the one i got was not the one we ordered so its not fit for purpose. Some kind of compensation/price reduction would be great with the issues we have had to deal with.
  4. Company is called nuovo bathrooms ltd. The order is complete as of today but the vanity unit is wrong its not the one we ordered. They have tried to say that they told us before we ordered that it was not in stock whem they didnt or i wouldnt of ordered the one we did. Nothing has been installed and paid 1200 in full by debit card.
  5. Really sorry this is a long story. I Ordered and paid for bathroom furniture on the 8th of December 2020. was told it would take a month which was why i needed to. Pay in full understandable. Month later come no bathroom stuff and no contact what so ever. Phoned them chased my order up myself. The sales manager said it would be here a week later but sink and vanity unit would be another month. February come no contact off them and no goods or delivery. Tried to phone them for yet another month with no luck what so ever. Finally got in contact with them after a n
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