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  1. Sorry, misread what you wrote. That makes sense. Editable below with your comments. Let me know how that looks...thanks so much! To whom it may concern. Reference: Address Change Account Number(s): Last UK address: Please note that I have for a number of years resided at ..... and will remain so. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter confirming that you have noted my foreign address and will use this for all future communications. Yours faithfully
  2. Ah that's weird, i copied it from word. My problem still remains that I was residing abroad whilst getting the credit (even though i was located in the UK when applying), so I thought it would be a problem if i put the year before the credit agreement? If that's the case, should I just leave it off of there, or do you have another suggestion?
  3. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. So my letter basically looks like this. If anyone has any suggestions of improvements, things I missed please let me know. I was also wondering if I should update a phone number?
  4. Anyone can recommend what I should put if I applied for the credit when I technically wasn't living in the UK? Should I just leave the move date out? Want to get the letters sent out asap as I stopped the direct debits and am now getting the messages through the app. Thanks a lot.
  5. i applied for the credit when i wasn't a resident in the UK. I was there to apply, but was already living abroad, so i'm not sure if that would be a good idea. Stupid i know, but i have kept up with payments up til now. In that case what would you suggest?
  6. Hi all, I'll try and summarise this mess briefly. I have approximately £45,000 in credit card debt from the UK. I moved abroad a number of years ago (outside of EU). Up until now I was making minimum repayments, and had never missed a payment. It's got to a point where I can no longer continue making the payments, and I never told them of my address change (the address listed is my last UK address, which is my parent's home). I was using one of the cards with money available to pay off the other minimum payments using Revolut, and now of course i've run out
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