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  1. Rodger that Bankfodder, On my way to BMW specialist in another town now. As I popped into local BMW dealer where I get my car serviced, they’ve taken pictures and sent it off to their body workshop, I just had a call from that body shop and was asked to pop in so they can give me a close estimate, as the initial video apparently doesn’t show 100% extent of the damage. I will let you know what the BMW specialist Worksop (this is BMW approved workshop) estimates the cost of repair. Thank you.
  2. Dear BankFodder, I really appreciate how much time you have taken to write the above post, so massive thank you for reading up on my situation and giving me detailed answer. It is this sort of insurance knowledge I'm lacking and I was hopping to get on this forum, but got more information than I ever hopped for. Following your advise I have taken today's afternoon off to drive to official BMW body workshop to obtain a quote and I will also stop by couple other local shops. I will report back once I get the quotes. Dear unclebulgaria67, Thank you fo
  3. Thank you for your reply BankFodder. The car is worth about £3,500-4,000 I am not friends with the neighbour, when I approached and asked him in person as I wanted to sort it without claiming through insurance first, he has looked me in the eye and lied that it wasn't him, I then see the CCTV footage of him running for his car bare foot in the middle of the night, so all I care for now is the dent being fixed properly. If I get quoted about £800 for the repair (as this is what my mechanic said it will cost roughly to fix) what will instance company do given that my
  4. Hello all fellow forum members, I've been driving my 3-series (2011 320D Automatic) for over 5 years and haven't had to deal with insurance ever before until now. Few weeks back my neighbour's car rolled into back of mine (car wasn't left on hand brake or hand brake was faulty) no one was in the car at the time of the incident, but I've got a CCTV of driver getting out. He's denied any wrong doing, as I've approached him prior to discovering CCTV footage, he's mum is a main driver, he must be named driver. The damage isn't bad, as it could have been much wor
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